Introducing what investors really want…

A new survey of investors’ preferences regarding online access to fund marketing data, fund reporting services and mobile accessibility.

Day in, day out, Kurtosys solve fund reporting problems.  We fix data issues, transform client reports and build new analytical tools and market data feeds for websites.

Client reporting is our “bread and butter” if you like, which is why, just recently, we’ve been focusing much of our blog and campaign activity around the whole issue of fund reporting.

Our customers tell us that they choose us because we understand what it takes to excel in client reporting.  Our tried and tested project management approach and our systems and tools, which get fine tuned and honed after each and every installation, are what set us apart from other digital agencies who serve the financial community.

We share the knowledge we’ve gathered over the years with all of our clients – be they global asset managers or smaller, boutique outfits.  Often, it can really help to listen to ideas from someone who’s worked on a huge array of fund data projects or designed a whole host of digital tools for asset management.

Occasionally, however, we like to go beyond sharing what we already know and help you discover brand new information about exactly what it is your customers really want, whether they’re institutional investors, multi-manager firms or wealth managers.

The newly commissioned Kurtosys study into online client reporting, conducted in association with Infovest21 was developed to uncover what investors value when it comes to fund marketing data, fund reporting services and mobile accessibility.

The results, which you can download for yourself here, reveal the extent to which client satisfaction hinges on the design and quality of reporting, interactive tools and mobile capability.

To read more about the top-line results, check out our press release, or go straight to the survey itself.

We hope you find it useful.

Client reporting is your single biggest opportunity to interact with customers.   Don’t waste it.