Introducing Kurtosys DocPress & Enhanced Admin Features

We’re excited to announce the latest release of Kurtosys which includes the launch of our latest document production and distribution technology: DocPress.

We’ve also made some changes to the user interface and introduced some major enhancements to the administration tools within the platform.

Introducing DocPress

When users log in to Kurtosys they will now notice two tabbed areas accessible from the top of the screen. All the existing fund-related features such as Data Healthcheck, Snapshots and Disclaimer Management all live under the FundPress tab.

The DocPress tab contains all Kurtosys functionality related to documents, including fund factsheet production, document uploading and metadata configuration. If you are using our API to distribute documents into your website or portal, this is where you’ll upload and manage them. If you are bulk producing fund factsheets, this is where you can configure your production runs and workflows. So, for anything document related, think DocPress!

Here’s some additional document features we’ve added:

Watermarking – Our API now allows you to watermark all your downloaded documents with a user’s name and organization name.

Document Entitlements – Client Admins can control exactly which documents a user has access to by using the Document Entitlement feature. Client Admins can create Document Entitlement Schemes (groups of property types used to create user entitlements) and then use those schemes to form the basis of creating Entitlements per user. E.g. Create a Scheme called Marketing and choose Document Type and Country as preferred property types, you can then entitlement a specific user to all ‘Factsheet and Marketing documents for the UK’.

Saved Searches – DocPress users can save their search criteria and request to be alerted when new documents matching their search criteria are added.

Enhanced Admin Features

Introducing Kurtosys DocPress & Enhanced Admin Features 1
All of the Kurtosys admin features are now accessible via the cog icon located top-right. And we’ve added more functionality for system admins:

  • Granular user control – set the permissions for each feature a user can access
  • Set the login preferences for assurance images and messages a user sees when they visit the login screen
  • Max password attempts & manual password reset
  • Login timeout – adjust the amount of time before a user is logged out automatically
  • Updated design for login and registration pages
  • Set Default App – this ensures the user is receiving emails from the correct app and its associated branding

Why are you changing the UI?

Because we’re releasing so many new updates, we decided to consolidate all the features into sections that are easier to navigate. As we push into 2018, expect to see more tabs appear in the top bar, but don’t worry we’ll update you every step of the way!

Check our product roadmap for future updates.

If you are a Kurtosys customer and you are having issues with these changes, please contact the customer success team or your contact directly.