5 Things We Can Automate In Your Fund Factsheets

Automating manual processes, like fund factsheet creation, is simple and advantageous. It saves time, reduces costs, lightens up the workload and minimizes errors. Nonetheless, many asset management firms are still manually and inefficiently creating fund factsheets and other fund marketing documents.

Here are five components that can be automated in your fund factsheets using the Kurtosys Platform. 

1. Chart call outs

5 Things We Can Automate In Your Fund Factsheets 1
The use of charts are commonplace in most factsheets but many asset managers fail to provide “easy to interpret” legends and labels. One technique we provide is the ability to have labelled call-outs for each sector in, for example, a pie or doughnut chart with alphabetic labelling so it’s easy on the eye and explicit to the reader.

2. Branding

5 Things We Can Automate In Your Fund Factsheets 2
We want your factsheets to reflect your brand beautifully and nothing should be lost with automation. With our powerful Adobe rendering engine we are able to accommodate the most simple, to the most sophisticated of brands and design.

3. Calculations

5 Things We Can Automate In Your Fund Factsheets 3
We provide out-of-the-box calculations for aggregations, allocation calculations, comparatives and many other simple arithmetic requirements that marketers require in order to present data effectively and consistently.

4. Disclaimers, Footnotes, Commentaries

5 Things We Can Automate In Your Fund Factsheets 4
It’s essential that compliance and regulatory footnotes are captured in the correct sections of factsheets – which is why we’ve automated the management and publishing of both investment disclaimers and commentaries to remove compliance risks and save you time. We’re also able to incorporate all types of symbology, numbered footnotes, conditional notes (e.g. Depending on type of fund or share class) and conditional disclaimers based on an array of rules.

5. Charts, Graphs, Tables

5 Things We Can Automate In Your Fund Factsheets 5
Overlapping, “scrunched up”, wrapping – these are all cardinal sins when trying to develop high quality factsheets. Our chart engine is continuously developing to overcome all of these commonly occurring issues. Additionally, our extensive component library extends our ability to provide new and innovative representations across all fund performance, allocation, risk, ratings and all common factsheet related sections.

Download the PDF for an infographic displaying all the components of our fund factsheet automation service.