12 Facts About B2B Digital Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here at Kurtosys we are avid promoters of social media and content creation in financial services. These digital methods are invaluable for marketers, not only do they help companies keep up with rising numbers of millennial clients and colleagues, the digitalisation of communication, advertising and sales provide real benefits beyond cost effectiveness.

Increasing numbers of B2B digital marketers are taking advantage of low-cost social media and blogs alongside traditional outbound methods.

In a recent report from the Content Marketing Institute, 66% of B2B digital marketers said that LinkedIn is an effective marketing platform and 55% heralded Twitter as an effective marketing tool.

This is not to say that traditional outbound emailing has lost its place, but, social platforms and blogs are slowly gaining the edge, and generating real results:

An inbound marketing report by Hubspot found that 57% of digital marketers that blogged acquired clients through said company blog.

Blogging, tweeting, liking and sharing could mean more customer leads and closes.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, we’ve scoured the internet to find the data and collated it into an infographic. Without further ado here is, B2B digital marketing, the facts:

12 Facts About B2B Digital Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC] 1
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