11 must-hear asset management podcasts

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As attention-spans for long form written articles wither, asset managers are increasingly turning to podcasts to publish their market commentaries, investment insights and industry interviews.
Considering that the number of smartphone users this year alone is estimated at 2.53 billion according to Statista, financial advisors and investors at work and on the move can tap into your company’s marketing pieces anytime, anywhere with just a phone and a headset. Just as well, all a producer needs to make such material is a standard microphone and one of many podcast platforms on offer, so long as the quality of the content remains. It’s a sure-fire way to distribute your material freely and fast.


It seems ironic to describe this in typed words, so in no particular order, here are some exemplary podcast features from the investment sphere:

Brewin Dolphin

Success for the podcast format often comes with frequency, which Brewin Dolphin has certainly achieved. As a long-running and award-winning champion of the genre, #BrewinPodcast has maintained at least two offerings a week for quite some time, and covers investment opportunities and topics in a conversational style with experts from leading asset management firms, often led by experienced host and researcher Ben Gutteridge.

The Wall Street Lab

On the periphery of the asset management labyrinth is this industry insider podcast from The Wall Street Lab. Hosts Lukasz Musialski and Leo Severino take on a similar format to the above; interviewing seasoned heads in the hedge fund, private and investment banking world. But what could be an hour of bogged-down exploration into heavy duty topics is a balanced affair of professional insight and personal anecdotes with smotherings of humour.

Revere Asset Management

Other doses of chuckles come courtesy of Dallas-based Revere Asset Management. The descriptions for their weekly roundup podcasts are always an entertaining read, covering “crumpet stuffers” (a joke at the Brits’ expense, huh?) and Crocs, but ultimately these discussions from Don, Danny and Tim sum up the most pertinent market action and investment news. And being the Your Money Radio Show, it’s a longer-form programme aimed at YOU, the investor, with added AC/DC.

Wells Fargo Asset Management

Just as prolific in their output is Wells Fargo Asset Management’s On the Trading Desk series. Laurie King leads the way, often collaborating with Dr Brian Jacobsen, to offer perspectives on investment approaches and market trends, sometimes joined by guest speakers. These succinct clips, however, usually stand under 10 minutes for bitesize nuggets of information, either as standalone editions or as part of a series. Transcriptions are also included for read-along fans.

Quilter Cheviot

Titbits are time-saving, and Quilter Cheviot’s excellent Diary of a Fund Manager series translates well to the podcast format with a brief log from David Miller, an experienced investment manager. We’ve covered Quilter’s effective blog before, but this niche marketing effort is also exemplary in Miller’s ability to weave a tapestry of investment narrative throughout the series – the Samuel Pepys of digital finance, if you will.


Investec’s world famous zebra mascot is a branding win which translates to its podcast series. Many of the asset management podcasts are identifiable by their name, and Investec’s The Big Picture supplies 10-minute segments on a range of discussions: the future of investments; continental and global economies; ESGs; regulations and just about everything the industry offers. Contributions are often given via phone message from financial experts.

Russell Investments

Russell Investments’ podcast likes to switch between two formats to cater for both listeners that prefer short-ish roundups, and those that like to get into the nitty-gritty. Their Market Week in Review is exactly what it states it is, updating investors and advisors about the world’s market news every Friday, whilst their Deep Dive series is a half-hour discussion focusing on a particular topic. We also appreciate how they store all episodes in a handy embedded Soundcloud box – a format usually associated by nascent DJs, but used effectively by this asset manager.

The Atlas Investor

Tiko Brkan, a trader and wealth portfolio manager, and Jordan Roy-Byrne are the voices behind The Atlas Investor podcast which differs from your regular offering due to its partial affinity with video formats. A relatively new series, their discussions are all transcribed on the page, and also presented in a YouTube video, accompanied by maps and charts to illustrate their insights. Not so much that it strays too far from the podcast path, but enough to provide a worthy accompaniment for visual followers.


Education and Thought Leadership are major components of podcasts, and winners of that category at the Wealthmanagement.com Awards in 2017 were BMO. Their aptly named Better Conversations, Better Outcomes is a series of conversations well worth tuning into, a biweekly analysis with (recent) topics including financial literacy, millennial investing and MiFID II. The podcast is also available on various platforms including iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.

Citywire Wealth Manager

Perhaps taking inspiration from a prehistoric 1999 mini-series is Walking with Wealth Managers from industry content behemoths Citywire Wealth Manager. What this interesting format allows is for a more personal chat with investment management professionals on some of the UK’s most scenic routes. The episodes tap into the guest’s background, challenges and views on and in the industry, and are available on a variety of platforms, with the ability to download them, too.

Animal Spirits

Akin to this ‘investing and more’ approach is a collaborative podcast courtesy of financial bloggers Ben Carlson and Michael Batnick. A Wealth of Common Sense and The Irrelevant Investor are great blogs in their own right, and their offbeat audio feature takes a sideways glance at investments, markets and the most pertinent news in the world of finance. Top presenters, top show.

We hope that these provide some inspiration for asset management podcasts that are insightful, or irreverent, or both. Happy listening!

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