10 great digital ideas for improving an Asset Manager's website

  1. “Provide a choice for the investor/adviser to use a mobile version of your site or an app as well as a full “desktop” view. Digital choice is essential in a multi-channel world.” 
  2. “Stick all your documents (Fact sheets, KiiDs, the lot) in an easy to use Document Library. Documents are useful but getting increasingly boring.” 
  3. “Having an active and integrated “stream” comprising your blog, tweet stream and commentary from your key fund managers and research teams. It shows you still have a pulse.” 
  4. Make all your key fund information dynamic, graphical and interactive. Pages of ISIN codes with just Price data is ugly
  5. Put Watchlist functionality in so clients can let you know what funds they are watching. It really is good to see what your customers are interested in.
  6. Give advisers a special secure area of your site where you give them interactive sales aids, portfolio tools and others “premier” services. Post RDR you need to help your advisors much more than you used to.
  7. Do some user experience testing – does your site structure make sense? Getting some objective feedback can help you refine your site’s design and help advisers/investors find what they are looking for.
  8. Launch a tablet app. Don’t waste another second thinking about it or “waiting to see what happens”.
  9. Stop using Powerpoint for online presentations. Make beautiful web based “Fund” presentations with audio overlays in a movie style and allow your clients to play them whenever they choose. If you are smart you can make these data driven so the client can see all your updates.
  10. Get a short URL. This will serve you well when you eventually start tweeting and also help to make your e-mail campaigns not only more elegant but more efficient as less e-mails will get thrown into junk. Long links break and look unattractive.