Kurtosys Launches EU Cloud

Today we are excited to announce the launch of the new EU instance of the Kurtosys cloud platform. For a long time we have served the needs of our customers by offering full in-region hosting of our solution to assist in complying with local data privacy laws. However, with the advent of Brexit, we wanted to ensure that we could continue to offer both primary and disaster recovery (DR) hosting of our client sites, portals, and core content management tools, fully within each major regulatory zone. 
As of the 31st of January 2021, Kurtosys now provides three distinct regions for our cloud: North Virginia for our North American clients, London for our UK clients, and Frankfurt for our customers within the EU. Each of these clouds enjoys hot DR to geographically dispersed locations within the same regulatory jurisdiction. 
Aside from the location, all of our cloud instances offer an identical feature set, meaning that our clients can choose the cloud instance that makes sense for their business. As we grow our business with clients in the Asia Pacific region and Canada, we will seek to provide dedicated hosting in those zones also.