Introducing new DXM Workflow

When working as part of a team, using formalized workflow is crucial.  Workflows ensure predictability, accuracy, increased productivity, transparency and improved communication.
When working with sensitive content with multiple content developers and different lines of approval, as many of our clients do, implementing a clear workflow process allows teams to work smoothly through all typically encountered complexities. In the finance and asset management industries there are many steps that need to be followed before content is ready to be published. Specifically, most content needs to pass through the correct approval channels to avoid any customer complaints or legal errors.
Our latest feature addition – WordPress DXM Workflow – allows you to automate the assigning of jobs from managers or approvers to the contributors in the team.  After the completion of the work, writers can then submit their work back to the managers or editors for approval.  A smooth working workflow like this allows for easy monitoring and editing of work within set parameters.

Automating Your Content Approval

Our DXM workflow feature allows for your content approval to happen exactly the way you would expect. For example, the creatives who write or create the content interact with managers or editors approving the content or sending it back for further refinements. The creative can submit the content for approval once they have completed their part.

Introducing new DXM Workflow 1

Key features of the DXM Workflow:

  • The ability to set up user-based rules to automatically assign tasks to the correct team member(s).
  • Managers and editors assign and reassign tasks to team members as needed.
  • Activity Log: Allows you to see who completed certain changes and tasks.
  • Email notifications: Notify team members of tasks to be completed and editors when approvals need to be made.
  • Approvals happen directly in DXM.
  • Customization allows for certain parts of the DXM content and/or meta data to be edited, instead of the entire document.

In fast-paced workplaces, mistakes can often happen without anyone noticing. However, with the utilization of an added feature like DXM Workflow mistakes can be minimized due to the automation of all the correct steps required from the team.

At Kurtosys, we are proud of our fast, scalable, and easy-to-use technology. We love solving our clients’ problems with smart applications of technology and creativity. Where it makes sense, we partner for the long run, and that is often where magic happens.

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