The client-centric approach – Highlights from TSAM NY Kurtosys interview 

The Kurtosys team recently met with Okako Djamboleka of TSAM to discuss the upcoming Marketing and Client services stream that will be sponsored by Kurtosys at TSAM New York on 31 October. 

The team consisting of Neil Thornburn (Chief Experience Officer), Grant Swart (Head of Product) and Anneliese Thomas (Head of Marketing), will be attending this exciting conference alongside Zelda Miller (Head of Business Development) and Claire de Kock (Senior Business Consultant).  

We look forward to meeting many investment management industry experts during the talks, the roundtables, the networking breaks or at the Kurtosys booth.  

Neil, Grant and Anneliese discussed the upcoming client-centric topics that we will be the focus of the Kurtosys stream including critical client touchpoints like purpose-driven branding, data analytics and the power of connectivity through social media. They also touch on the much-talked about trends of the moment including AI, digitization and operational transformation.  

Watch the full interview below and for a full agenda and speaker line up, go to the TSAM site 

Staying up to date on the latest trends 

Thank you to FoxonMedia, for helping to facilitate these opportunities for engagement between industry experts. With so much disruption happening, this conference is a great chance for us to exchange and debate ideas and stay up to date with the latest trends.  

Events like TSAM New York help us stay at the forefront of trends relating to client experience, ensuring that our solutions ensure the delivery of pain-free investment data and insights. 

Client-centric focus  

Grant Swart will be hosting the much-anticipated round table where he will discuss “the future of client reporting.” He looks forward to hearing from other experts and discussing the ideas around game-changing automation in a fast-paced and data-driven world. From very little change over the years when producing factsheets and producing documents, the industry has become a lot more progressive.  

With a client-focused approach, Grant is ready to connect with and hear from clients and attendees who have queries about the Kurtosys product offering or want to discuss any topics at the Kurtosys booth during the event. 

Read Grant’s thoughts about the Future of Client Reporting here 

Mastering the art of distribution  

Neil will be moderating the panel discussions around which platforms can enable product diversification and help you stand out. We are looking forward to hearing from experts in their field, Leeor Sillman, MD, Marketing at TD Epoch and Lauren Ferrara – Head of USI/ RPS Sales capabilities, VP – Global Sales management  at T. Rowe Price. 

Analytics driven sales and marketing 

In a fast-paced industry, the topic around analytics-driven sales and marketing approaches is much-debated. Neil Thornburn, Chief Experience Officer, tackles this topic at his widely anticipated fireside chat with Ken Burd, Managing Director – Digital Enablement & Analytics at Principal Global Investors and Ellen Lawrence, VP, Global Head of Marketing Services at PGIM Investments 

Authenticity and the power of social media driven engagement  

Anneliese will be moderating two panel discussions with key experts as they work through driving better performance through authenticity and then evaluating the power of social media in driving client engagement.  

We look forward to hearing from Gabriel Altbach, Chief Marketing Officer, Managing Director at Voya Investment Management, Patrice Trichon, Head of Marketing, Client Reporting and Digital in Investment Management and Juanita Jeffrey, Director, Head of Institutional Marketing at New York Life Investments and Elizabeth Coleman-Chen, Global Head of Alternatives Product and Channel Marketing – Executive Director at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, as well as from our very own Neil Thornburn.  

With good opportunity to connect with one on one meetings and our Kurtosys booth, we look forward to further collaborations with industry insiders.  

We look forward to seeing you at TSAM NY on 31 October! Visit us at the Kurtosys booth and join us at our Marketing and client services sponsored stream. Sign up and register here using this code: “Kurtosys”.