Revolutionising email distribution: A game-changer for investor reporting

Revolutionising email distribution: A game-changer for investor reporting 1

Did you know that 79% of investors want to receive reports via email? Despite this, many managers struggle to find a scalable solution for this challenge. Even though portals and direct data-feeds are gaining in popularity, the trend shows that investors use multiple channels, and it is clear that email is here to stay. We have made it our mission to make your email distribution process as secure, simple and seamless as possible.

The traditional email gap

  • No access to document libraries: Traditional mass email tools cannot securely connect to an investor report library, nor do they have the ability to pick up investor-specific documents. 
  • No ability to create tailored emails: Traditional tools cannot track the individual customisation requirements mandated by institutional investors. It is not possible to attach specific customised reports, to securely personalise body content, or to tailor the list of recipients, for instance. 
  • No ability to manage the workflow at scale: Ensuring that Service Level Agreements (SLA) are met and no clients are missed requires a workflow overlay to ensure that all account holders receive updates on a timely basis. 

Let’s delve into our email distribution system that is set to radically simplify how investment managers create and distribute reports.

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The email distribution module is a game-changer for heads of reporting. It’s designed to simplify and automate the process of generating, approving, and sending emails to a wide range of accounts, eliminating the need for repetitive manual actions and streamlining document dissemination. Let’s take a closer look at the key components:

  • The distribution centre is the heart of the email distribution module. Here, you can generate emails, preview them, and obtain necessary approvals before they are sent out. The system provides a clear overview of the status of emails, making it easy to track progress and ensure smooth distribution.
  • Efficient and customisable approval workflows ensure that both the content and recipient lists are accurate, compliant and approved before reports are sent out via email.
  • To enhance personalisation and targeting, the system allows users to create rules that uniquely identify and attach documents to emails for specific accounts.
  • Additionally, clients can manage their contact lists and differentiate between affiliated and non-affiliated contacts, ensuring the right individuals receive the appropriate information.
  • The email builder is a powerful tool that enables clients to create dynamic email templates. They can easily customise the subject, domain, and content of the emails, utilising dynamic data to include account details and contact names. The result is a personalised and engaging email for each recipient.

The future of email distribution through automation

The email distribution module’s true power lies in automation. Clients can create workflows to generate emails at scale, linking document rules and contact lists to streamline the process. This automation minimises manual intervention, significantly reducing the time and effort required to distribute documents to hundreds or thousands of accounts.

With the Kurtosys email distribution centre, customisable workflows ensure your emails go through an approval process while also creating contact distribution lists that can easily be adapted and adjusted. This feature enables both document production and distribution all from one single platform, reducing room for error and vastly simplifying your process. 

Email distribution center

Kurtosys App: Email Distribution Centre

With Kurtosys, your investment data can be sent on time every time from one secure environment. Compliant and accurate, everything your client expects. 

Managing personalised emails to the investor base without automation carries a real risk of error. 42% of investors said they would divest from if reporting is consistently below par, so the stakes are real.

If you would like a full demo of how this feature can work for you, please reach out.