Navigating investment reporting challenges together: A reflective dialogue with Lee Godfrey

In an era where managing costs and achieving operational efficiencies are paramount for investment managers, every project proposal is intensely scrutinized, and only solutions that are not only scalable but also delight the end investor are likely to pass the CFO’s stamp of approval. Our clients demand smart data integration options, high accuracy, and compliance, not to mention fast turn-around times when delivering fund factsheets, and investor reports via email or secure portals. This is no different when publishing data & insights in pitch books or fund centers. 

Prioritizing client needs with a future-focused solution 

Our transition from bespoke tailored solutions for each client to a product-led, cloud-based SaaS approach helps solve a myriad of these challenges for our clients in this tough macro-environment. Our secure, cloud-based platform can leverage the latest data layer technologies such as Snowflake and Databricks alongside the traditional methods that are still pervasive. Leading investment managers are now transitioning from aging infrastructure and fragmented, complex investor communications architecture models to a much more elegant architecture solution. 

The production and delivery of client reports, fund centers, institutional portals, sales enablement tools such as pitchbooks as well as regulatory reports can be achieved using a single data integration. This journey to a more centralized data model requires less human intervention, and the platform that enables powerful automation and workflow features is a major driver for reporting efficiencies. 

Our data layer also connects to Fund Administrators and major data vendors like Bloomberg, Lipper, and Morningstar.

We are delighted to help drive efficiencies across these data and insight delivery requirements with our clients. For example, if we are already providing a fund centre service, it’s very easy to now deliver a more elegant solution for factsheets or pitch books using the same underlying data layer and platform capabilities.  

2 male investment managers and a female investment manager inspecting a financial document

Consistency reduces risk and keeps clients and regulators happy 

Our dedication to consistency extends beyond cost reduction; it is about mitigating risk. By ensuring data accuracy and consistency all the way through from websites to factsheets and client reports, investment managers can maintain a unified message. Typical communication to investors is driven by regulatory requirements around the cost and charges of the fund on the one hand and the long-term performance of a fund on the other. You don’t want investors looking at the website and seeing something different than in the factsheet.

Discrepancies like these erode investor trust, not to mention compliance breaches. 

erroneous data alert showing up while a person is sitting behind a laptop

Future-focused: AI and ML integration 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are now part of every discussion and of course integral to Kurtosys’ vision. With these technologies already ingrained in our development processes, our teams are interrogating solutions and new ways of working to enhance client experience. This is an exciting part of the journey to product evolution and advancements but as always with a keen focus on data security.

AI machine learning

Embracing market developments 

We see some exciting developments in Europe, particularly with products like ELTIF and LTAF. These offerings enable retail investors to access large infrastructure products while retaining liquidity. While still early in their evolution, these products signal a positive step towards democratizing investment opportunities and require enhanced communication and documentation to address performance and potential risks.

A collaborative approach to the future 

Our lens into the future is shaped by the curiosity of our excellent team, but we cannot walk this path alone. It is the regular attendance at global conferences, a continued focus on research and internal knowledge-sharing sessions, regular client workshops and active collaboration with our clients that shape our product roadmap while testing all our actions against our vision and mission.

As we look ahead to 2024, we feel empowered to address the complex challenges within the industry together.

The Kurtosys Team at the Cape Town Office