Mark Warren joins Kurtosys as Chief of Staff

Kurtosys is excited to announce the appointment of Mark Warren as Chief of Staff, effective October 2023.   

Mark is a seasoned leader at the intersection of digital transformation and operational excellence, with more than 30 years of experience in the digital field. He is widely recognized for his agility in leadership and his skill in navigating complex stakeholder landscapes, making him the go-to expert for driving meaningful change in both public and private sectors. 

Throughout his career, Mark has held significant roles at major global companies such as Intertrust, Skype, Microsoft, BT, and Virgin Media. His proactive involvement in shaping and delivering digital products and services has set a high standard for excellence. His unique strength lies in merging design thinking with agile leadership principles, enabling him to introduce innovative approaches, even in the most challenging business scenarios. 

Mark is not just a business and technical expert; he’s also a leader who excels under pressure. He thrives in situations that require quick solutions within demanding stakeholder environments. As he takes on the role of Chief of Staff, Mark brings not only his extensive expertise but also a commitment to innovation, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of operational excellence and exceptional client experiences. 

With Mark on board, our company doesn’t just gain a Chief of Staff; we welcome a forward-thinking professional who understands the intricacies of the digital age and is poised to drive us forward. 

As I step into this new role with Kurtosys, I’m genuinely excited about the opportunities ahead and eager to collaborate with Lee and the leadership team to ensure our strategic goals are met and even exceeded. In an era where tech disruption is the norm, I believe it’s crucial for Kurtosys to not only adapt but to lead in innovation. Our collective objective to drive change and elevate Kurtosys‘ strategic vision is a challenge I’m ready for.

Mark Warren

Mark Warren

Chief of Staff at Kurtosys

Having had the pleasure of working with Mark several times in the past, I am very excited to welcome him to the team where he will support our evolution towards a world class SaaS providerHis focus on digital transformation and operational excellence is critical to deliver an excellent client experience.

Lee Godfrey

Lee Godfrey

CEO at Kurtosys