Kurtosys Studio

Studio combines a library of advanced digital experiences for financial institutions with an intuitive configuration UI that removes the need for custom coding
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Time to Value

Deliver Faster

Kurtosys Studio allows technology teams to deliver sophisticated digital experiences – things like document portals, fund centers, and account explorers – all without the need for coding, yet with the ability to customize and tailor each experience to the needs of your firm.


Compatible With You

Kurtosys Studio modules can be included in existing websites via a script, or for users of Kurtosys DXM and Documents they can be dropped seamlessly into your websites, portals, or document templates. 

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Studio 3

Beauty as Standard

Studio modules are designed to represent the state of the art in every category. Whether its a performance chart or a fund center, our team is continually developing new modules to push forward the state of the art in financial user experience. 


Component Library

Kurtosys Studio contains a vast library of apps and components to choose from


Apps can be configured using our intuitive UI or via JSON configuration for advanced users


All Studio apps are designed to integrate natively with Kurtosys Data APIs, removing the need for custom data integration

Charts and Tables

Line, Bar, or Marrimekko – Studio contains a wide array of charts to display complex data sets

Data Exploration

Studio contains tools to help your clients explorer and find data, such as fund centers and account explorers


From logins to regulatory gates, Studio offers a range of personalization modules to tailor your digital experiences


Studio is natively integrated with Kurtosys DXM to allow for seamless inclusion in your digital experiences

Studio for Office

Drop your studio components into your Word or PowerPoint templates and build powerful automation templates


Integrate your Studio apps with data and document entitlement to build gated communities for sensitive data

Use Cases

A world of possibilites

Build and manage complex financial websites at scale. Blend engaging visuals with rich data visualizations to delight your clients and partners. 

Enable your clients and sales teams to discover the content that helps them through complex buying cycles. Meet regulatory clients and drive growth in your business.

Share sophisticated reporting sets with your clients, enable them to self-serve, and cement your brand. Drive greater brand loyalty and client retention. 

How it works

Your pathway to success



Connect your client and product data sets to Kurtosys via API or SFTP and enrich with compliance or localization rules. 



Configure your site, portal, documents and more using our intuitive and user friendly toolset. 



Create new experiences and outcomes for your clients and sales teams across the full spectrum of your distribution team.



Use in-built analytics to evolve and enrich your solution progressively with zero custom coding required.

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Learn how Kurtosys collaborated with BMO Global Asset Management to build an enterprise global digital experience in six months.