Kurtosys Communities

Communities transforms Kurtosys DXM sites into secure online portals, complete with cutting edge infosec and user experience features
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Time to Value

Deliver Faster

Building secure online communities is typically a long-winded and costly exercise. Kurtosys Communities changes this by allowing technology teams to build portals visually via DXM while overlaying sophisticated security and UX features seamlessly on top.


Security as Standard

The communities auth stack allows you to apply all the same rules you utilize for your corporate network and users: password policies, 2 factor, SSO, to name but a few. Once your login is included in your DXM site, everything is automatically taken care of.

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A world of possibilities

Whether its creating a portal for your sales teams to retrieve the latest enablement content, or a secure client facing portal for sharing the latest investment research and reporting, communities can help you to realize your digital roadmap at a fraction of the time an cost.



Place a login widget on your DXM site and build your secure community

Gated Content

Restrict content to users or use groups via Communities content restriction in Kurtosys DXM

User Management

Manage the full user lifecycle, from registration to deactivation.

Salesforce Integration

Manage your community from the convenience of your Salesforce contact records

Activity Tracking

Understand how your users are using your community to drive decision making

Security Rules

From password strength to expiry, you can make communities match your security policies


Secure your community with 2-factor authentication


Integrate your community directly into your existing identity management framework


Include entitled documents via our secure document library, a part of Kurtosys Studio

Financial Data

Share sensitive reporting data via our range of Studio apps and components

Document Entitlement

Assign groups of documents to users and restrict their viewing rights

Data Entitlement

Assign groups of data sets to users and restrict their viewing rights

Custom Apps

Develop your own custom JS based apps and integrate them into your portal via Kurtosys Studio


See what your clients see, using user impersonation


Simplify user management by grouping entitlements and permissions into roles

Use Cases

A world of possibilites

Build and manage complex financial websites at scale. Blend engaging visuals with rich data visualizations to delight your clients and partners. 

Enable your clients and sales teams to discover the content that helps them through complex buying cycles. Meet regulatory clients and drive growth in your business.

Share sophisticated reporting sets with your clients, enable them to self-serve, and cement your brand. Drive greater brand loyalty and client retention. 

How it works

Your pathway to success



Connect your client and product data sets to Kurtosys via API or SFTP and enrich with compliance or localization rules. 



Configure your site, portal, documents and more using our intuitive and user friendly toolset. 



Create new experiences and outcomes for your clients and sales teams across the full spectrum of your distribution team.



Use in-built analytics to evolve and enrich your solution progressively with zero custom coding required.

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