Q1 product insights webinar

28 MARCH 2023
Duration: 1 hour

Our Q1 2023 product insight webinar focused on our institutional client reporting features, as well as provided a convenient summary of our current product offering. Intended to be an informative session, this webinar showcased how you can make the most of our platform.  

We demonstrated how to build out customized reports in Excel for multiple accounts. We believe many of you will find these reports to be particularly useful for your distributors. 

In addition, we showcased how to add and style dynamic data as text in PowerPoint, which has not been shown before, and demonstrated how you can generate Office charts with data from our platform. 

Hosted by

Grant Swart

Grant Swart

Associate Head of Product

Hanri Calitz

Hanri Kalitz

Senior Product Manager

Facilitated by

Patrick McKenna

Patrick McKenna

Chief Product Officer & Chief Revenue Officer

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