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Investor Portal 1

Land and Expand

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Bring data to life with interactive dashboards

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Investor Portal 2
Investor Portal 3

Real-time access to portfolio data

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Surface thought leadership, video, and more

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Investor Portal 4
Investor Portal 5

Real-time access to portfolio data

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Explore ESG Data at Portfolio and Issuer Level

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Investor Portal 6

Security as Standard

Investor Portal 7


Enjoy the latest in authentication technology. From Cisco Duo two factor, to assurance messages and images. Your portal authentication flows can be fully customized and aligned with your own corporate policies, including authentication via single sign-on, password strength, and more.

Investor Portal 8

User Management

Manage the full user lifecycle, from registration to ongoing maintenance. Users can self serve password and username reminders, while admins can assign permissions and entitlements. All user activities are tracked and catalogued for security and compliance purposes, and are fully GDPR compliant. For Salesforce users enjoy integrated user management directly from the contact record.

Investor Portal 9


Kurtosys ISOC is a three hundred and sixty degree security program that combines automated sofware processes, operational protocols, and proactive security assessments to secure your digital experience. From external web firewalls to AI based proactive networking scanning, Kurtosys provides a complete program to ensure your site or portal is always secure.

Land and Expand

Like you, your investor’s time is precious. Put everything at their fingertips with your portal dashboard, granting access to their mandates, thought leadership, and other key information.

Portfolio Reporting

Drilling deeper into a portfolio can reveal a world of interactive reporting for your clients, including performance, risk, holdings, transactions, and sustainability related data.

Investor Portals

Expose ESG data at portfolio and issuer level. Allow clients access to engagement information and other non-public datasets.

Reporting and Documents

Digitize your reporting process. Allow clients to self-serve and build their own reports from pre-defined digital templates. Provide historical access to their report library with full search.


Granting your clients access to real-time data via your portal requires orchestration. Kurtosys Data allows you to integrate all of your data sources into one concordant whole, enriching it along the way with formatting, disclaimers, translations and more. Customizable at its core, Kurtosys Data serves as a staging post for your reporting book of record across portfolio, fund, and other data types. Integrating your data into Kurtosys is straightforward: upload flat files or plug straight into our REST APIs.

Investor Portal 10
Investor Portal 11


Bring your client data to life in a branded, compliant way with Kurtosys Studio visualizations, wrapped in the security of a Kurtosys DXM Communities portal. Configure and create visually with Studio before leveraging the DXM page builder to craft custom user journeys for your clients. Meld data and content together seamlessly, incorporating thought leadership and video alongside critical client reporting information. All without a single line of code.


Ensure data security by leveraging Kurtosys Data entitlement to assign users to data sets and documents. Group accounts and portfolios together with users or link directly. Define custom document entitlement schemes based on meta data to simplify the ongoing management of entitlement. Control entitlement directly within Kurtosys or Salesforce, or alternatively integrate your own system of record via our APIs and keep user access synchronized periodically or during login using SAML2.0 assertions.

Investor Portal 12
Investor Portal 12


Manage everything about your portal directly from within Kurtosys. Setup new users and manage the ongoing user lifecycle. Define custom security policies, enable advanced authentication features, and monitor system access. Integrate with external identity management platforms via SAML2.0. Make ongoing updates to your portal and deploy with confidence with multiple development environments.


Track and optimize use of your portal with integrated user analytics. Uncover hidden client insights and integrate them into your overall analytics strategy. Extract activity information via REST API and collate in your existing BI frameworks, such as PowerBI and Tableau.

Investor Portal 14


Thanks to our integrated page builder, your portal can be customized infinitely. Build role specific user journeys, incorporate thought leadership and video, update dashboards with new visualizations, or simply incorporate new brand elements.

Investor Portal 15

Configure once. Reuse everywhere.

Meet Studio. Build reporting components that can be reused across all your reports and digital experiences, from PDFs to Powerpoints and from Sites to Portals and beyond.

A component for every need

Our Studio component library is vast and accomodates a wide range of data display needs for asset managers. From straightforward period performance charts, to interactive ESG rating explorers, the Studio library takes care of them all. Building from one of our pre-defined templates or starting from scratch, Studio components offer industry specific features: automatic disclaimer display, time range selectors and more. If you need assistance our professional services are on hand to configure your entire library straight out of the gate.

Investor Portal 16

Leverage one golden source of reporting data

Kurtosys Data allows you to collate all of your reporting data in one place. From here you can enrich it with translations, formatting rules, disclaimers, and other business logic, before using it in your reports and experiences.

Investor Portal 17

Limitless integration posibilities

The entire Kurtosys platform is based on a set of easy to use REST APIs. Integrating data for use in our tools is as simple as incorporating into other cloud enabled reporting systems such as PowerBI and Tableau. In addition, our professional services team are always on hand to assist if you need a little extra help loading your data.

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