Fund Reporting Portals

Automate fund reports seamlessly.

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Our client reporting portal furnishes a variety of reporting types that asset managers produce every day. Our system elevates asset management firms to a single digitally automated environment that serves virtually all reporting output types. Asset managers will undoubtedly recognize the value of a single solution that allows them to shed the cost of multiple vendors and consolidates all of their reporting outputs. The degree of efficiency this creates cannot be overstated.

Client Reporting Portals 6

Traditional fund document production will contend with the demands of multiple layout variations and document types. Our automation tools expand into the asset manager’s document production arsenal with Studio for Office. Microsoft Office and Adobe InDesign are now host to a gallery of pre-configured, drag-and-drop widgets that are easily embedded into your fund documents and presentations, and populated with real-time data. Studio for Office reduces the risk of erroneous data in your reporting and the need for manual intervention that would otherwise impede the process.

Our automation engine affords large amounts of scale by reducing the demand for external intervention. The localization of documents is one of several key benefits that automation produces innately. Raw data from web pages and large documents are translated at the push of a button. Similarly, date formats, integers and currencies are all recognized and converted to follow local conventions. This mechanism removes a very large inefficiency that often afflicts fund managers in a time of great urgency.

In addition to this, a central source of data also presents the exceptional benefit of a consistent and reliable output stream. Our system diminishes the potential for discrepancies in fund data, and consequently, the prospect of breaching regulatory compliance. Moreover, the concerns of an asset manager are often more intricate than erroneous data. Given that multiple applications are often employed with traditional fund document production, the concern for inconsistencies stems from a lack of harmonious data. Our solution houses a network of state-of-the-art technologies that covers virtually all of the traditional document production operations. This produces a natural consistency. The advantage of this level of consistency and uncompromised adherence, both financially and ethically, is magnified as it expands into every facet of the asset manager’s fund document library.

Your sales team is at the forefront of your firm. They represent and uphold the standards and quality of your organization when engaging clients. Their success hinges on multi-layered processes where mistakes are costly. This highlights the importance of supplying faultless documents (factsheets) to drive informed conversations with clients confidently. Delivering these fund documents to your sales team fast is as important.

Today’s asset management firms demand optimal document production processes to drive innovation. Our system produces a harmony among client service departments, with fast delivery and predictable outcomes at every crossing.

Our system includes a number of document workflow tools that are designed to highlight potential issues and expedite production. Amongst these is Healthcheck, which allows the creation of custom business rules around your data. Potential gaps in data are exposed before document generation, avoiding costly re-runs that are a great concern with traditional document production processes.

The document approval process is a seamless exercise with Kurtosys. User roles are easily assigned and managed in your compliance team, creating an effortless document review process that happens all in one place.