Our 5 best read blogs of 2022

It has become a bit of a tradition for us at Kurtosys to do a recap of our best-read blogs for the year. What a year 2022 has been – we’ve all had to adjust to the “new normal”, and with it the way we do business. The last couple of years have fast tracked the road to digitalization for our clients in the investment management industry, and our most popular articles for the year are a great reflection of this.

by Mash Patel

At the end of quarter one we compiled a selection of notable pieces written by well-known industry observers and advocates of change.  All the links provided are well worth a click and download – the material will help all of you who are interested in the industry and are looking to confirm your own thoughts on what is top of mind as we execute our plans over the next few years.

Without exception,  digital transformation continued to be the phrase of the year.  More specifically, AI / machine learning – to power the investment process; blockchain, specifically outside of the US and aimed at execution, settlement and record keeping, and of course, more efficient data and insight delivery for clients and distribution enablement. 

by Lee Godfrey

In a mid-year update, our CEO Lee Godfrey shared his perspective on the growing challenges investment managers face, and how Kurtosys is focusing on supporting our clients become more efficient, effective, and scalable.

by Natalie Kennedy

Digital Marketeers are faced with a myriad of challenges managing multi-country investment management websites. A fundamental challenge occurs when new sites are launched for new regions, but content needs remain up to date across existing sites. In this article we discuss the various factors to keep in mind and how our solutions are specifically developed to address these challenges head-on.

by Patrick McKenna

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a significant rise in our clients’ uptake of the Snowflake platform as a solution to their data management needs. While it shares many of the common characteristics of a normal database and is familiar for technologists to work with, its approach to data syndication is really where it has carved out a niche in our space.

Within the space of the last year, we have seen a noticeable uptake in Snowflake for many strategic applications including PBOR (Product Book of Record), ESG, Research and transactional record keeping. It is clear that Snowflake will become a significant component of client reporting and digital use cases. In this article we explore some of the reasons why it has taken hold, and where it might feature in your future operating models.

by Patrick McKenna

We’ve seen more managers looking to change their reporting technology in the last six months than in the previous three years. In conversations with prospects, the perfect storm of shrinking budgets, static headcount, and ever-increasing demands both regulatory and client-related are conspiring to push investment managers to seek deeper efficiencies and scale.

If you are thinking of changing technology providers, then read on for a synopsis of the key considerations that we’ve identified in these conversations with heads of reporting in investment management.

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