Winning the COVID Communication War

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The impact of COVID-19 has seen our industry placed under enormous pressure from both an operational and investment perspective. In spite of this, some firms are leading the way in crisis communication with their investors throughout this period of turmoil. Here we explore five of the best.


BNY Mellon

BNY lead with a full site banner directing investors to a policy statement on the unfolding events, as well as a wealth of diverse content on their insights pages. Content is syndicated and translated across their regional country sites. 



Wellington provide a dedicated single-page feed of content dedicated to COVID-19, including audio insights from senior strategists and investors. With 34 articles penned to date from the beginning of March and new content added on an almost daily basis, we feel that the real-time single page feed format provides an extremely user-friendly way for investors and advisors to stay informed. 



As well as leading with a wealth of thought leadership content, Blackrock go above and beyond by making charitable commitments to groups affected by the crisis, committing over 15m USD to food banks and community organizations.  

Black Rock


Royce once again prove that you don’t need to be an industry giant to communicate effectively in challenging times, dedicating the entirety of the above-fold section of their home page to COVID-19 related content. With USD 13.7B under management, Royce continue their track record of excelling in their digital marketing throughout this challenging period. 


How We Can Help

Having the ability to adapt your client communications is critical in times of uncertainty. If COVID-19 has exposed the need to enhance your digital communications the Kurtosys platform can help.  

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