Winning Digital Strategies for Technologists

Buy vs Build is not the only choice. Here we explore some ways that harnessing the API economy and modern digital tech can jump start your own digital experience platform.

Don’t be constrained by your skillset

Most financial institutions retain Java and C# based development teams, and there is a temptation to choose a CMS that fits existing skill. In our experience, its better to choose a purpose built and widely used content focused CMS than to choose a niche ‘enterprise’ offering.

The amount of modules available to you through open source and the amount of resources will far outweigh any productivity gains you receive from building on a closed platform in a language you know.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Most requirements your marketing team will bring to you will be solved already by a commercial solution with an available API. Marketing automation, SEO, and analytics are all commercially available from vendors that support the level of security and encryption standards required by banks.

The Kurtosys APIs even solve the product data and document syndication challenge, allowing your team to focus on building great tools, or even leverage our set of standard modules that can be integrated with your own in-house CMS with two lines of code.

Change the conversation

We feel that technology teams have a key role to play in changing how financial services firms are viewed in the world. By enabling marketing and client services teams to leverage the best of breed solutions in the market, while bringing to bear the deep domain knowledge of their organizations, they can create solutions that are much more valuable than the sum of their parts.

The end game needs to be about automation, efficiency, and with the correct digital strategy around integrating marketing and sales, the attraction and retention of new AUM for the firm.

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