Speedy AM sites, martech trends, new-wave hedge funds [VIDEO]

This month’s video round up presents two world-first funds, the FCA’s surge in AM activity, the greatest marketing tech stacks, and crypto highs and lows.

Please find links to the talked-about articles and features below.

Fund Launches

M&G Impact Financing Fund
First Trust Indxx Transaction and Process ETF


UK Asset Management Rules
Brexit’s effect on the FCA

Industry News

Hargreaves Lansdowne Simply Invest
Ashburton / Fidelity Partnership 

Crypto News

Crypto-Finance Master’s Degree
Cambridge Analytica & ICOs
BlockTerra Capital LLC
Plympton Capital

Website Spotlights

J O Hambro Capital Management
Miton Group

Kurtosys Features

Chiefmartec.com Stackie Awards
Mergers & Acquisitions White Paper
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Insights from our blog

Kurtosys Client Reporting 3.0

Client Reporting 3.0

The term “Client Reporting” is a fundamental part of the asset management

Real growth. Realized.

Reduce time to market for websites, marketing documents and content portals by over 50%, and at one third of the traditional cost.

Times are changing. Stay informed

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