For Alternatives

As an alternative investments manager, you want to accelerate digital transformation to deliver rapid, powerful investor experiences at scale. Kurtosys has everything you need to do this with an end-to-end digital platform that automates your websites, portals, apps, content and data in record time.

The world’s leading financial institutions trust our platforms to give them the agility they need to be first to market.

Benefits of Kurtosys for Alternatives

Reach compliance​

Kurtosys builds specialist investment websites that are secure and compliant, reduces costs and looks good.


Our centers enable data retrieval, providing investors with valuable insights into your investment products; and allowing them to interact quickly on any device.


Build websites across multiple jurisdictions using zero-code, designed for multiple investor types, countries and languages ensuring great UX.


See what Kurtosys can do

Innovative Websites

You want to attract and retain investors to raise capital. But your investors expect attractive, user-friendly digital services on any device. Kurtosys builds specialist investment websites that are secure and compliant, reduce costs, look good and ensure great user experiences.

Secure Portals

Kurtosys Communities is a cloud-based platform that enables you to easily create secure, branded portals in minutes and store documents centrally. This allows your teams to deliver critical, tailored reports to the right partners and clients privately.

Fund Center

You want to win investor confidence with a transparent, interactive fund center that can scale with your global assets. We have provided bespoke centers to asset managers for well over a decade, and have a SaaS version that you can implement into your site in hours.

Private Web Content

The Kurtosys platform balances public and private content easily making it simple for you and your audience to use. We also build many digital tools for alternative investments – such as hedge fund performance tools – protected behind a secure login with additional options such as multi-factor authentication.

Real-Time Reporting

The Kurtosys Communities platform has a powerful reporting engine that gives your users detailed overviews of investor holdings, performance, transactions, and other pre-set or custom views. It has many powerful filters, favorites and export functions.

Fund Data Management

Kurtosys Data has a powerful review interface that enables you to validate, find errors and edit data before publication.

Interactive Tools

Kurtosys builds bespoke tools that enable you to create base portfolios, hypothetical scenarios, risk and return charts, and performance and custom reporting tools for your advisors or institutional investors. Data visualizations are completely configurable to ensure correct and compliant display of key data points and disclosures.

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Whether you’re looking to build a brand new secure website or improve your data visualization, get in touch and we’ll be happy to show you.