Digital Solutions For Alternative Investments

Digital is an often overlooked weapon in the capital raising arsenal of an Alternative Investor Relations & Marketing team. Kurtosys has all the components required to maximise effectiveness for alternative investors.

Cutting-Edge Websites

A great website is the cornerstone of any financial services organisation. Simple, brochure style websites are no longer enough – your investors expect to engage with your services and brand digitally, and on any device. At Kurtosys we build specialist financial websites that not only look great and are secure, but are underpinned by a platform that can surface data, documents and content.

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InvestorPress Transform

Secure Portals

Increase investor & advisor engagement with an enterprise secure portal solution, packed with features for document distribution, digital client reporting and secure messaging and built to scale across your global investment operations.

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Interactive Tools

Bring your product data to life with cutting-edge Fund Tools and launch amazing product experiences and data visualizations, completely configurable to ensure correct and compliant display of key data points and disclosures.

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FundPress fund tools


Private Web Content

Private, secure content is critical to many alternative investment providers. At Kurtosys many of the sites we build are a mix of public and private content and our WordPress for Finance platform makes that process simple. We also build many digital tools for alternative investments such as hedge fund performance tools, protected behind a secure login with additional options such as multi-factor authentication.

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Real-Time Reporting

The powerful reporting engine within InvestorPress Transform gives your users detailed overviews of investor holdings, performance, transactions and other preset or custom aggregated views, with many powerful filters, favorites and export functions. InvestorPress Transform also comes with a dashboard built to your specification and requirements.

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FundPress fund data tools

FundPress dashboard

Data Orchestration

Collate and manage all your financial data from one central web-based application then drive it automatically into your websites, apps, portals, documents and even to your partners via our APIs. FundPress exposes a powerful search and review interface to allow you to perform data validation and find errors in your data, then edit or patch issues before they go live. A powerful range of features include translation and localisation, audit and compliance tools, workflows and analytics.

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