SEO Tips for Investment Professionals

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a mastery of techniques to help increase the amount of visitors to your website. SEO tips and tricks do this by helping you obtain a high-ranking placement in the natural search results of a search engine. For more recent information read our latest blog article called 5 search engine optimization tips for asset managers in 2021.

We’ve collated 6 more SEO tips for investment professionals from our recent webinar on SEO for financial services professionals.

These helpful tips are a must for an industry which is getting increasingly tech savvy. There is no need to fall behind with SEO, the free way to encourage more traffic to your website.

3 SEO Factors you may have missed:

  1. Page speed: Back in 2010, Google indicated site speed (and as a result, page speed) is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages. Use this tool from Google to evaluate your page speed.
  2. Redirect to one domain: You want all your site’s content to be credited to you, multiple domains fracture this. If you have multiple domains, they should be redirected (not just pointed) back to the main domain.
  3. Use HTTPS: Google gives a slight ranking boost to secure and verified HTTPS sites. When traffic passes to an HTTPS site, the secure referral information is preserved. HTTPS encrypts all communication, including URLs. For more on HTTPS check out our blog post: Why Kurtosys is ‘going all in’ on HTTPS

3 SEO mistakes to avoid on your investment website:

  1. Excluding your company type in your home page title. The type of investments your company offers might be fairly unique and therefore a great SEO opportunity. Your company name is actually a ‘branded keyword’ and in some cases not even necessary (although remove with caution!)SEO Tips for Investment Professionals 1
  2. Omitting a fund/invest name in page titles. As with the type of company you are, your unique investment names should be included in fund page titles.
  3. Leaving out fund/invest information in meta descriptions. Each investment/fund based web page on your site should contain a snippet of information about that particular fund/investment. Meta descriptions play a factor in providing a user with more information before they chose to click on a link.SEO Tips for Investment Professionals 2

Bonus Tip – We use WordPress plugin Yoast to help with our SEO:
SEO Tips for Investment Professionals 3

For more inspiration and tips on web design for asset management, please download our white paper.



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