Kurtosys Documents

Automate marketing material, sales collateral and client reports in record time. 

Why Documents?

Cut down on resources and speed up time to market with automated production of financial reports, marketing materials and sales presentations.  

Grow Revenue

With  Kurtosys  Document Automation you can enable your salespeople with faster reports, so they can spend more time selling, resulting in more net inflows. 

Lower Costs

On average, Kurtosys Documents customers can redeploy  two-thirds  of document production staffboosting  efficiency and cutting total cost of delivery. 

Lower Risk

Automating critical compliance rules and approvals lowers the chance of incorrect data being used in reporting, reducing the risk of costly compliance breaches. 

Intuitive template builder

The familiar authoring environment of Adobe InDesign (and soon Microsoft Office) for creating stunning document templates that combine your content with sophisticated data display components from Kurtosys Studio.  

Customizable automation workflows 

Use Kurtosys Documents templates as the basis for automation workflows aligned to your approval processes, and easily generate thousands of different documents based on your portfolio, fund, or product data.  

Powerful compliance rules 

Automate the display of key disclaimers based on business rules, exclude data points for different types of investors, and greatly reduce human error by applying critical compliance rules. 

Configurable distribution

Configurable distribution settings allow you to push completed documents to your website and partner services with a single click.  

See what Documents can do

Tap into world-class Kurtosys infrastructure and solutions to build, operate and grow your financial services business.

Component library

Draw from a vast and growing library of sophisticated reporting components in Kurtosys Studio to automate display of your key financial data. 

Data integration

All data is normalized and housed in the Kurtosys Data module, creating a single source for all your decks, twopagers, and even your website. 

Workflow builder

Turbo-charge your approvals, checks and balances with our Production Center for quicker delivery and lower error rates. For large-scale document automation, source workflow inputs from the Kurtosys Data module – automatically generating reports for active products only.


When problems occur, exceptions alert the necessary parties, reducing time to resolution and letting you finish production runs with minimal disruption.


The system offers valuable audit control by recording the steps taken to complete documents, authors, and the final result. 


Documents can be pushed to external providers like FundInfo and Amazon S3 with the click of a button. Don’t see your service providerWe can add it or configure an integration for you. 

Dynamic documents

Documents can be personalized and sections chosen by the creator, while ensuring that all compliance-related content remains in place.

Translation and localization

Documents can be translated and localized as part of the generation process, letting you seamlessly produce materials for local markets.

Document hub

Centralize and manage all your marketing and sales materials in one place, whether generated by Kurtosys or externally. Upload hundreds of documents at once or push from our API and search in milliseconds across your entire corpus of documents.

Customizable metadata

Create completely custom taxonomies to tag and search on and infer metadata to simplify tagging activities.

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