How to be a Marketing Superhero in Financial Services

It was Uncle Ben in Spiderman that said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Stan Lee’s classic comic book character could very well be addressing today’s marketers. Marketing directors are becoming more responsible for measuring their efforts and their value to the firm. Fund marketers need special powers to succeed and convert more prospects into investors. After all, it’s not the free-flowing cape or the shiny spandex suit that makes a superhero, it’s cleverness, courage and the right tools that help them carry out their mission successfully.

Here are seven ways to become a marketing superhero in financial services:

How to be a Marketing Superhero in Financial Services 1

Time Travel

When creating data-heavy marketing collateral, you have defined workflows, approvals and version tracking. You can automate data gathering for fact sheets, web charts and pitch decks, allowing you more time to focus on marketing strategy and projects that matter.

Power Augmentation

A scalable CMS with web plugins enhances client experience and strengthen levels of engagement, loyalty and asset growth. Have you reviewed SaaS options and apps for improving your website’s conversion engine?


To attract global investors, you speak in their native tongue. Customize your content and reports for multiple currencies and languages with tailored disclaimers by investor type or domicile.

Superhuman Speed

Your up-to-date marketing collateral and factsheets are produced lightening fast, and your site is completely in sync with a high-velocity, responsive display of performance charts and tables.

Super Flexibility

A flexible CMS accommodates new fund data easily, letting you quickly update, expand and market your offerings in different formats and output types.


Instead of presenting pictures of static, flat charts, a hero marketer brings data to life with interactive, up-to-date charting tools.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Hide-Featured-Image”]

Start super charging your marketing efforts with fund factsheet automation.

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