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InvestorPress Fuse

Provide secure and entitled distribution for all your financial documents in your own branded portal, with your choice of prebuilt dashboard and client reporting components.

Secure Portals for Document Distribution & Reporting

Made to Improve Engagement

Targeted document distribution and secure entitlement means InvestorPress is built to improve customer engagement.

Bank-Grade Secure

DDoS protection, intrusion monitoring, and ISO 27001 certification means we protect your data at all layers of the InvestorPress platform.

Blazingly Fast

In-memory caching, Akamai CDN, and the power of the cloud all bring your documents and data at the speed of thought.

Save time & money through automation

Replace laborious printing and postage costs with electronic distribution which is fast, secure and reliable.

Mitigate Compliance Risks

Improve compliance with regulation such as MiFID II with an audit trail of who's opened and read which document.

Personalise for specific investors

Create sub-clients and groups so you can distribute to the correct investors/advisors with a personalised experience.


Better Document Control

Provide your investors and prospects with access to accurate, reliable documents whenever – and wherever – they need it. InvestorPress provides an up-to-date repository of documents and enables you to respond 24/7 to ad hoc user or group requests for entitled information.

  • Aggregate documents from many sources giving you a centralized hub for distribution, irrespective of where the source files originate
  • Automatically tag each document with customizable meta-data, ensuring proper entitlements on a regional and user basis
  • Eliminate the need for complex and unwieldy folder structures

Powerful Reporting Engine

The powerful reporting engine within InvestorPress gives your users detailed overviews of investor holdings, performance, transactions and other preset views, with many powerful filters, favorites and export functions. InvestorPress Fuse also comes with a dashboard based on our library of prebuilt widgets.

  • Detailed overviews of investor holdings, performance, transactions and other aggregated views
  • Customizable table column headers, powerful filters, favorites and export functions
  • Interactive dashboard widgets to summarize your investments

Best-in-class Features

Fully branded document distribution portal with discrete client login ✔ ✔ ✔
Visual Reporting Dashboard – Prebuilt Components ✖ ✔ ✔
Visual Reporting Dashboard – Custom Components ✖ ✖ ✔
Prebuilt Report Templates ✖ ✔ ✔
Messaging Center ✖ ✖ ✔
Custom Reporting Engine – includes book production ✖ ✖ ✔

Optional Extras

Single Sign On (e.g. Use your Salesforce credentials) Marketing Automation integration e.g. Marketo, Pardot
Google Tag Manager integration CRM Integration e.g. Salesforce
Multi Factor Authentication API integrations with your systems (externally, non-persisted data)

Digital Client Reporting built for Asset Managers

Smart Organizing

Edit and tag documents using metadata, so you can group documents based on location, investor type and language.

Intuitive Upload Wizard

Batch upload multiple documents at a time through a smart wizard and tag and categorize documents as you go.

Share & Distribute

Securely share multiple documents with entitled users or distribute relevant documents via accounts or large groups.

Multiple Sources

We can gather your documents from multiple sources, from Dropbox to Salesforce. We will help you create a repository.

Fully Brandable

Each portal comes with the ability to add your branding, from the web portal down to the email notifications.

Add Your Content

Easily add your own company insights, news or blog posts into your document portal using our simple WordPress interface.

Interactive Charts

Enable individual users to drill down on underlying data using an intuitive and beautiful UI with interactive charts loaded with features.

Report Filters

Apply preset filters to your reports for currency, asset type, value, date range or any filter types based on your fund data.

Export Reports

Export reports in convenient file formats such as PDF or Excel quickly and easily through an intuitive user interface.

Infrastructure & Security

Protected with Akamai DDOS and WAF ✔ Jurisdiction based DR strategy ✔
CDN through Akamai Edge ✔ ISO certified policies and procedures ✔
SAML 2.0 compatible Single Sign On ✔ Forgerock integration for Assurance Management ✔

Learn how to use InvestorPress in our Knowledge Base

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Elliot Burr on August 14, 2017

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MiFID II for Asset Managers: Threat or Opportunity?

Mash Patel on July 10, 2017

The European Union (EU) MiFID II regulations, which come into effect in January 2018, will have a huge impact on the asset management industry. Software providers expect a capacity crunch as investment houses rush to prepare.

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White Papers

How your Salesforce CRM can manage Document Distribution

Luke Hinchliffe on January 24, 2017

We’ve identified a common problem facing asset managers - how to securely distribute the correct documents to the correct people. Download this one-page PDF to explain how we integrate with your Salesforce to achieve better distribution.

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