Bring your fund data to life with our interactive fund tools

Improve your investors user experience with the latest fund data visualization charting and analytical tools.

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Easily Embed Code

Incorporate fund tool widgets into your website with just one line of code. You don't need to be a developer or know how to write code to embed charts, graphs or other interactive displays of data. They'll match your existing look and feel, creating a seamless brand experience.

  • Embed in native mobile apps or through any content management system
  • Simply copy and paste a few lines of Javascript
  • Avoid long development cycles by deploying fund tools on the fly
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Fund tool embed code
Up-to-date fund data

Accurate Data

Automatically update data on a daily basis via our Unified Data Model, with feeds from Morningstar, Lipper or your own sources. The Kurtosys Unified Data Model reduces risk by ensuring that data is accurate, consistent and up to date.

  • Meet client demands for instant access to the latest fund prices
  • Keep your site current with up-to-date performance and benchmark data
  • Give clients and prospects a reason to regularly come back to your site
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Interactive Functionality

Make your fund data interactive using the latest web technology and charting libraries. Visitors to your website will be able to easily adjust charts and graphs to reflect the timescales, formats or benchmarks they prefer.

  • Engage your clients and prospects with a truly personalized charting experience
  • Bring static content to life with beautiful graphics
  • Create a simple and intuitive user interface
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Interactive fund charts
Fund Components

Choose from our extensive library of fund tools

Keep your site relevant and engaging with a host of different fund tool widgets. With on average 70% of your web traffic around your fund information tools, don't underestimate how these pages can transform the client experience. 

  • Fund comparison, asset allocation, benchmarks, performance
  • Fund Explorers with Typeahead search and filters
  • Retirement calculators and illustration tools 

Check out our sample gallery fund tool widgets.

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Fully responsive design for mobile and tablets

Consistently deliver your performance data and other content over multiple platforms and devices. All of our Fund Tool widgets are mobile and tablet ready so they look beautiful in both websites and apps.

  • Optimize the display of even the most complex data
  • Capture prospects and clients throughout their busy days
  • Interact, educate and entertain across all devices
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Responsive fund tools
Bank-Grade Security


Our security processes and management align to our global ISO-27001 certification.

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Strategic Enterprise Monitoring

A proactive, dynamic monitoring strategy that reveals issues as they happen.

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Secure Sign-on (SSO)

Single Sign-on

Improve UX by connecting multiple web applications together.

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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Kurtosys has partnered with Akamai, a world class provider of content delivery networks.

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DDoS Mitigation


Simple and effective solutions to mitigate the growing threat of DoS and DDoS attacks.

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Website Change Audit Recording

Website Change Audit Recording

Comply with SEC rules by preserving an audit trail of all website changes.

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Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor Authentication

Stop front door attacks by using a layered defense to website logins.

CRM/MA integration


Connect your fund data with Salesforce or Marketing Automation platforms.


white paper

White Paper: Winning ways to wow Investors

In this white paper find out how in nine simple steps, your asset management website can offer simplified choice, multi-channel responsiveness and personalized, integrated communication.


Watch how you can configure, embed and publish fund tools with ease

On average 70% of your web site traffic is in and around your fund information tools. Don't underestimate how these pages can transform the client experience and help convert prospects to clients and clients into even bigger clients.



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