Segmentation Lists

The FundPress Segmentation List module enables you to group your funds based on your chosen criteria. This allows you to easily apply fund information, like disclaimers or commentaries, to similar funds and control what types of funds different investor types can see.

A tool that enables you to group your funds for display

Save Time & Resources

Save time by updating your Segmentation Lists on one central platform with all changes automatically pushed through to your website in real-time.

Bank-Grade Secure

DDoS protection, intrusion monitoring, and ISO 27001 certification means we protect your data at all layers of the Kurtosys platform.

Blazingly Fast

In-memory caching, Akamai CDN, and the power of the cloud all bring your data and documents at the speed of thought.

FundPress Segmentation Lists allows you to group your funds for display. Once set up you can use these segmentations when configuring fund display aspects such as commentaries and disclaimers. You can also use Segmentation Lists to control the fund or share class data that can be shown to different investor groups on your website.

All Segmentation Lists are displayed on one main page within FundPress with a description of the type of funds included in the list. Once these Segmentation Lists have been set up, they will automatically be mapped to all of your digital properties and will go live immediately.

Investor Type Control

Manage the entitlements of your different investor types by creating your own segmented lists.

Real-time List Management

Easily edit your existing Segmentation Lists, with all changes pushed through to your website and fund tools instantaneously.

Fully Configurable

Add new segmentation lists and designate the funds that a particular investor type can view with ease.

Segmentation Lists in Action



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