Data Healthcheck

FundPress lets you create validation rules to give your data a 'Healthcheck' to highlight data issues before they go live on your website and documents.

Eliminate data issues before they go live

Save Time & Resources

Make considerable savings in time and resources by catching critical data issues before they get published across your websites or documents.

Bank-Grade Secure

DDoS protection, intrusion monitoring, and ISO 27001 certification means we protect your data at all layers of the Kurtosys platform.

Blazingly Fast

In-memory caching, Akamai CDN, and the power of the cloud all bring your data and documents at the speed of thought.

It's an unavoidable truth that most financial services websites are 90% data and 10% content. It's therefore critical for financial services companies to have healthy data sets and minimal errors, before they are distributed to investors and prospects.

FundPress comes with a built-in data healthcheck feature. It allows you to create validation templates which can be applied across your funds and share classes in bulk. A monitoring dashboard then alerts you to issues down to a granular level, highlighting individual data fields, allowing you to either fix the data upstream or 'patch' the data using FundPress.

Flexible Validation Rules

Create validation rules for different investment products, with minimum and maximum values for any fields.

Data Health Monitor

See data issues in real time, down to input field level allowing you to fix issues upstream or 'patch' using FundPress.

Reporting Date Options

A date picker allows your marketing or compliance team to locate issues for a specific day.

Data Healthcheck in Action



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