Let Kurtosys create fund factsheets for you that stand out from the crowd

Automate production of your documents and turn an operational problem into an opportunity to wow new investors with beautiful factsheets.

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Beautiful Design

Outsource your factsheet production to Kurtosys and get beautiful fund documents, while saving both time and money. You’ll get the highest quality rendering with Adobe InDesign® Server, with complete control over layout and styling. Your numbers won’t just fit on a page, they’ll be beautiful.

  • Ensure that your documents are brand-consistent across every delivery channel
  • Display data more effectively with well-designed charts
  • Organize information on the page in a clear and concise way

Check out our gallery of clients’ Fund Factsheets.

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Mutual Fund Factsheet Design
Automated workflow

Fully Automated

Reduce your production times dramatically with a fully integrated workflow engine and cut production costs almost in half.  You’ll maintain total visibility throughout the process and get alerts so you know when to sign off.  The approval process for compliance uses role-based permissions, automated email notifications and secure logins.

  • Generate scheduled or ad-hoc documents
  • Maintain a full audit trail including document history and versioning
  • Automatically distribute factsheets to FundInfo.com and other information vendors through secure APIs
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Accurate Data

Improve accuracy and reduce risk through centralized data aggregation, processing and validation. Kurtosys’ Unified Data Model (UDM) ensures that data is up-to-date and consistent. Our UDM supports the ingestion of multiple data and file types, which can be sourced directly from secure APIs or sFTP folders.

  • Seamlessly import data through feeds from Morningstar, Lipper or your own sources
  • Improve accuracy up to 100%
  • Know that digital versions are always in-sync and fully catalogued
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Fund components

Diverse Components

Create robust fund factsheets that include an array of well-designed components. Visual elements such as charts, tables and star ratings can work together with text to create more interesting and informative factsheets for your prospects. Kurtosys offers a broad library of components with different ways to present a fund’s allocations, performance, ratings and risk profile, including:

  • Synthetic Risk & Reward (SRRI) calculations
  • Sector breakdown piecharts
  • Rating style boxes

View a full gallery of fund components that Kurtosys has standardized in our platform.

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Produce factsheets in multiple languages to target global investors. As new markets and share classes become available, you can quickly meet your firm’s demand for marketing materials in native languages. Kurtosys offers language, dialect and translation technology covering over 100 languages.

  • Generate multi-lingual outputs that include both Asian and Arabic character sets
  • Support all European languages as well as documents in Chinese, Japanese and Thai
  • Ensure that all documents meet local regulations and contain appropriate market data
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Multilingual fund factsheets


Generate digital Fund Factsheets from your website

We can now generate high quality PDF factsheets directly from fund information widgets on your website. The process consolidates all the latest fund performance information displayed on screen into PDF documents with razor sharp SVG graphics and the most up-to-date information.

Watch this short video to see it in action.

white paper

White Paper: Best Practices in Fund Factsheet Production

In this white paper find out how outsourcing factsheet production aided by new technology and enhanced models of BPO can simultaneously meet the need for high quality fund literature and radically reduce BAU demands.



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