Friday Fund Marketing Roundup #19

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Here at Kurtosys we fall down the digital rabbit hole so you don’t have to. We’ve pulled out some of the best reports, eBooks and articles from the digital sphere, ready for you to use for effective fund marketing.
This week’s round-up gives you advice on maximising your creative content, digital trends to keep an eye out for in the new year and more exciting news on the future of FinTech.

What’s trending?

Language Wire: Important Digital Trends in 2017

November has come. Sundown is now at 16.30. 2017 is looming. We have to deal with it. With each new year brings different challenges for the financial services industry, so successes of the past few years need to be addressed to prepare accordingly for an uncertain future. In the age of AdBlock, attraction is key, with this article screaming at you to revolutionise your company’s content and modify it to suit every consumer’s needs. Whilst a fairly morbid expression, “adapt or die” should be a mantra inherited by all in the technological age. Luckily, here is some suitable advice on how to do just that.

LinkedIn Pulse: Millennials Are Dead. Long Live Generation C.

Ryan Holmes asserts that “millenials are dead” straight from the off here. Now, we know that Halloween was only on Monday, but why does everything have to be so macabre? Not that he doesn’t have an argument to back it up, though. Kicking off a storm of comments about categorisation, this is a contentious insight into the makeup of the so-called ‘Generation C’: a new, no-age-limit brand of savvy workers and consumers that embrace the imperative use of technology, pooled together from generation X, generation Y and Baby Boomers. With the Cs all clued-up on the fact that “creating is as critical as consuming”, this generation seems an invaluable asset to the marketing industry. So many Cs. The alliteration in this article is abundant.

“Magical Content”

BuzzSumo: The Magical Content that Gets Links and Shares – New Research

Prepare yourselves for Harry Potter references; the magical allusions don’t end with the title. This fun yet informative piece from BuzzSumo has clearly been thoroughly researched and is satisfyingly meaty. There are many useful statistics about shared content and analysis on why some is particularly successful, advising how you can “be a wizard” with your marketing strategy. Shameless. Featuring some outside-of-the-box examples (Game of Thrones spoilers, an article comparing Pokémon Go to gaining leads for sales etc.), there’s something here for everyone in this fantastical article. It’s a Win-gardium Leviosa. I’ll stop now.

Digital Branding Institute: How to Use Memes for Your Marketing Campaigns

Everything is turning digital, so the Internet is (of course) extremely crucial for business. The Internet is also a place spawning some of the strangest phenomena and trends. Take memes, for example. If phrases similar to “much help”, “blog post wow” or “such marketing” are unfamiliar to you, then Juntae DeLane’s guide to meme creation is a must-read. They are recognisable and humorous images that can enhance blogging by keeping your marketing content fresh. They’re also a perfect way for your company to stay on its toes and in tune with current affairs and popular culture that consumers can relate to.

Social Media Success LinkedIn + Facebook = Introductions²

For professionals in the financial field, garnering and nurturing relationships is key. LinkedIn already supplies many with the opportunity to keep in touch with colleagues past and present and those you wish to do business with in the future (check out our webinar on maximising LinkedIn!). But why just limit yourself to one platform? Stephen Boswell and Kevin Nichols outline the ways that, by channeling your inner Sherlock, you can use Facebook – a more personal platform – to more readily form professional connections. With numerous social media channels open for use, a combination of these two examples could prove to be fruitful.

Social Media Examiner: 3 Social Media Tactics for Businesses That Struggle With Social

Whilst we’re certainly not part of a “boring industry”, any sector can benefit from having an output of content that is as spontaneous and exciting as the most social of social lives. By brainstorming more niche ideas within the financial sector and developing stories (see the data-storytelling article we shared a couple of weeks ago) through video campaigns, your social media presence can be augmented. Viral content, memes, Instagram photos: Jenny Beightol cites all of these as necessary creative ammunition for your troops to use in the battle to generate entertaining content. Make it fun. I try to make my blog posts more fun using ridiculous metaphors sometimes.

Industry News

City AM: UK fintech pushes for its very own “Big Bang” moment

The “Big Bang” was a big deal in the 1980s, altering the structure of London’s financial market and propelling the London Stock Exchange back towards the centre of the globe’s financial stage. Unfortunately such events were before the time of little’uns (millennials) such as myself. Interestingly however, this week sees the meeting of treasury and trade officials in the hope of securing the future of UK FinTech startups and investors – a “FinTech Big Bang”. Reading this alongside this week’s further news on Brexit and Article 50, it is clear that very interesting times lay ahead for both the UK and the world of financial technology.

NewsBTC: Switzerland To Introduce New Banking License For Fintech Startups

Moving away from the UK again (akin to last week’s departure to Iceland) there’s some serious FinTech news from the continent. Switzerland is proposing to ease government regulations, encourage start-up tech companies, and ultimately climb to the mountainous summit of FinTech innovation. With the hint of a new banking license being introduced, Bitcoin purchases could become more commonplace. For followers of the digital currency revolution, it just keeps hotting up.
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