Friday Fund Marketing Roundup #13

Welcome to our digital marketing round-up

Here at Kurtosys we fall down the digital rabbit hole so you don’t have to. We’ve pulled out some of the best reports, eBooks and articles from the digital sphere. Ready for you to use for effective fund marketing.

This week’s round-up will give you the best marketing tools from the pro’s, secrets to strategizing and the latest fintech news.

Tools of the Trade

Chris Coyier: From WordPress to Apple News, Instant Articles, and AMP

Friday Fund Marketing Roundup #13 1
Not sure if you should go with sponsored content? Wondering which (and how) WordPress plugins to format your content? Web designer & developer/blogger Chris Coyier breaks it down in a super easy-to-understand format to help you make the best educated decisions and at the same time, fly through the set up process.

Social Media Examiner: 20 Social Media Tools and Tips from the Experts

Friday Fund Marketing Roundup #13 2
Managing Editor Lisa Jenkins asked top social media experts to share their favorite tools and tactics they’re using right now.

Creative Content

Jeff Bullas: 5 Hidden Content Marketing Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Friday Fund Marketing Roundup #13 3
You’ve probably heard content marketing will bring more traffic to your website ultimately resulting in (we hope) more sales. But did you know there are other benefits of content marketing you might be missing? Jeff gives you these hidden secrets and how to best utilize them.

Mark Schaefer: 8 Strategies to stand out when you’re late to the content marketing game

Friday Fund Marketing Roundup #13 4
If you’re feeling paralyzed when it comes to creating your content marketing strategy, this article will give you some relief. Mark shares his best ideas he uses when consulting with an organization that is late to the content game – check it out.

Social News

TechCrunch: Twitter’s new, ‘simpler’ rules for character counts in tweets go live

Friday Fund Marketing Roundup #13 5
The moment we’ve all been waiting for since Twitter’s May announcement is finally here – as of this week, Twitter has cut down what counts toward your 140 character count. TechCrunch explains.

Currati: The 10 Hottest Digital Marketing Trends

Friday Fund Marketing Roundup #13 6
Based on the current evolution of digital marketing (as of August 2016), here are 10 trends that have proven to be viable for companies.

Industry News

Reuters: Accenture breaks blockchain taboo with editing system

Friday Fund Marketing Roundup #13 7
Blockchain has been a hot topic in our highly regulated industry and now Accenture wants to put it to the test.

The Wall Street Journal: U.S. House Bill Aims to Set Up ‘Sandbox’ for Fintech Innovation

Friday Fund Marketing Roundup #13 8
In wanting to keep up with the U.K., the U.S. has introduced a new regulatory program allowing companies to work alongside a regulator when testing a fintech product or service.

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