Friday Fund Marketing Round-Up #8

Welcome to our digital marketing round-up

Here at Kurtosys we fall down the digital rabbit hole so you don’t have to. We’ve pulled out some of the best reports, eBooks and articles from the digital sphere. Ready for you to use for effective fund marketing.

This week’s resources will help you keep your social media marketing effective and compliant. And of course we have included some of the latest insights into financial service technologies and disruptors.

Smart Social Media

Hootsuite: 8 Social Media Tips for Financial Services

Friday Fund Marketing Round-Up #8 1
This white paper from Hootsuite provides crucial insights into how to thrive on social media as a finserv company. It covers everything from what to share to compliance.

Entrepreneur: Why Smart Social-Media Marketing Is Brilliant SEO Strategy

Friday Fund Marketing Round-Up #8 2
This article from Entrepreneur not only explains why social media is great for boosting your SEO, it also offers 4 top tips on how to best optimise social profiles.

Social Media Exaiminer: How to Target Your Customers With Social Ads

Friday Fund Marketing Round-Up #8 3
This article is a how to guide for ads on four different social media platforms. The highlight of the article are the visual guides SME use to demonstrate where to find and how-to specify your ads by audience on each platform.

HubSpot: How to Write Better Headlines for Your Facebook Ads

Friday Fund Marketing Round-Up #8 4With the recent news from Facebook  that they have updated their user ad control settings. What better time than now to brush up on what catches your audience’s attention.


LetsTalkPayments: The Importance of UX in the Financial Services Industry

Friday Fund Marketing Round-Up #8 5
This article is a great read, divulging how financial services have come on leaps and bounds in terms of innovation. Explaining the advantageous results of finserv and fintech collaboration in terms of UX and transparency.

KunoCreative: 6 Reasons Email marketing is Still an Effective Tool

Friday Fund Marketing Round-Up #8 6
These six reasons behind effective email marketing are a great refresher for all marketers focused on retargeting their email marketing to benefit the user. The best thing about this article are the 4 key values behind email marketing, the importance of it being: interesting. valuable, relevant and timely.

B2C: Digital Marketing Metric Averages For B2B Companies

Friday Fund Marketing Round-Up #8 7
This comprehensive list of stats and click-through averages for SEO, SEM, email, website, conversion and free trials in B2B marketing, teaches us that tailoring your UX is more important that ever!

Industry Updates CMA paves the way for Open Banking revolution

Friday Fund Marketing Round-Up #8 8
This press release explains the new measures being imposed by the CMA to ensure that banks work harder for customers and benefits from new technology (such as open banking).

CMA: What is Open Banking, Infographic

Friday Fund Marketing Round-Up #8 9This infographic goes hand in hand with the above press release giving the all-important low-down on what open banking is and how it will ultimately benefit the industry and end users.

Deloitte: Disaggregating the impact of fintech

Friday Fund Marketing Round-Up #8 10
This report covers FinTech as an influencer in payments, insurance, deposits and lending, capital raising, investment management, and market provisioning. For each sector Deloitte provide a “disruption impact scale” and go on to dissect the nuances of each impacting factor. Deloitte have created a sophisticated and easy to digest report full of facts presented in an extended infographic style.

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