Friday Fund Marketing Round-up #12

Welcome to our digital marketing round-up

Here at Kurtosys we fall down the digital rabbit hole so you don’t have to. We’ve pulled out some of the best reports, eBooks and articles from the digital sphere. Ready for you to use for effective fund marketing.

This week’s round-up will help you keep you up with the latest marketing strategy ideas and big news in blockchain technology.

Smart Marketing

Content Marketing Institute: What is Content Intelligence?

Friday Fund Marketing Round-up #12 1


In this article Jordan Koene, vice president of services and chief evangelist at Searchmetrics, answers questions, explains what the term “content intelligence” means, and offers practical applications for marketers.

Nurture Agency: How to Humanise Your Marketing Automation Campaign

Friday Fund Marketing Round-up #12 2
Learn how to add that human touch to your automated marketing campaign with these six tips.

Personalizing It

Vanilla Blog: Forget the Boomers, it’s Millennials Who Rule When it Comes to FinTech Marketing

Friday Fund Marketing Round-up #12 3
Baby Boomers have already bought into the idea of needing financial management and advice. Now it’s the millennial generation that is finserv’s target audience. In this article, traditional finance companies and banks will learn five ways they can appeal to millennials.

Social Media Examiner: 6 Ways Businesses Leverage Social Media for Live Events

Friday Fund Marketing Round-up #12 4
Posting on your social media channels during live events can expand your reach in more ways than just a hashtag. In this article you’ll discover six ways businesses have leveraged social media to create connections with people during events.

Marketing Strategies

Hubspot: How to Use Digital Marketing to Transform Your Business

Friday Fund Marketing Round-up #12 5
Just like the sales team, marketing should set goals and work toward specific targets. Find out how to set attainable objectives and goals to make your marketing ROI a huge success.

Jeff Bullas: 7 Influence Marketing Insights You Need to Know Today

Friday Fund Marketing Round-up #12 6
In this article Jeff breaks down the influence marketing concept. He shares ways to strategize and his favorite tools to make the most our your industry influencers.

Industry Updates

CNBC: Google-backed blockchain start up Ripple raises $55 million from Big Banks

Friday Fund Marketing Round-up #12 7
One of the biggest questions in fintech right now is whether or not finserv will embrace blockchain technology. Could this be an indicator of whats to come?

Capgemini: Digital Maturity Remains An Elusive Goal : High Digital Demand but Low Maturity Threatens Profits

Friday Fund Marketing Round-up #12 8
In our latest blog post The Stakes are High for Wealth Managers in a Digital Future, we referenced Capgemini’s World Wealth Report 2016 stating “firms offering poor digital experiences could put as much as 56% of their net income at risk as clients turn to other providers with a better grasp of digital tools.” This infographic breaks down just how much the success of wealth firms rides on digital.

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