Frequently Asked Questions

We use WordPress, so we will train your team on how to edit and maintain your website. We can implement workflows and setup user entitlements so the editorial process is covered.

We use tier 3+ data centers in Rackspace or AWS.

Yes. Kurtosys can produce factsheets in over 100 languages including Chinese, Arabic and Japanese.

Yes, we can implement any web-based fonts into our Fund Tool widgets along with your brand guidelines for colors and styles.

We use an entitlements system to allow access to reports on a per user basis.

We partner with Morningstar and Lipper to bring fund data to your website. Kurtosys also works with any custom data source; we have sophisticated data loading software to enable this.

Daily backups for last business day recovery and database log shipping for continuity to a geographically remote data centre.

Errors and error handling can be tracked through our support systems. Several methods for resolving errors in data ingestion can be employed ranging from rollback to partial ingestion and resubmission of data. Audit trails and user notifications will provide user diagnostics based on your implementation.

We use an entitlements system to allow access to documents on a per user basis.

DocPortal allows you to create simple widgets that will render the documents onto any webpage through our API. You can control various functions in the API and style the code in anyway you want to.

Our objective is to ensure compatibility with all current and recent browsers and versions. We endeavour to maintain backward capability with older browsers as these are often still used in corporate situations. If possible we will also try to resolve issues with any browser. However there are restrictions to this imposed by functionality, third party JS and security requirements that affect this. An IE8 Tax of 30% total project cost will be incurred if required.

We use our dedicated production team to build and maintain templates to your design.

Yes. If you would like to discuss a business partnership with us please use the contact form on this page

Yes. Our automated platform can produce ETF factsheets in the same way we produce regular fund factsheets.

You can contact our support team by email on

You can also call 1-844-298-8832

There is no minimum amount, but from a cost perspective our automation platform might not be cost effective for very small production runs.

No, we inject the code onto web pages using JSONP. This is better from an SEO perspective and allows more control from the client-side.

We support multiple doc types such as Word, PDF, PowerPoint and Excel. Contact us for more specific document types or questions.

Kurtosys is the trading name of Kurtosys Systems Limited, registered in England & Wales no.04395076

Yes, we work with a broad range of agencies – we work closely with both the agency and the client to complete projects. We are often approached by design agencies who are looking for a platform provider for hosting, implementation and a secure infrastructure to work with investment management clients. There is little conflict of interest as we are not a design agency.

Implementation times obviously vary depending on the size and complexity of each project. Small-medium sized fund websites can be completed in 6-8 weeks.

Yes, we can build mobile-specific or fully responsive secure portals that scale for all mobiles and tablets.

We produce a mixture of any kind of daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly clients.

Yes. The secure portal product is fully white labeled. That includes the web UI through to PDF reports that are generated for advisors/investors.

Any. We integrate with all kinds of accounting, performance or analytics systems through APIs or data files. We also directly integrate with Morningstar, Lipper and Statpro.

We will consider guest authors if they are suitable and relevant to our audience of marketing professionals in the asset management industry. Please contact us via this page

DocPortal uses metadata to categorize documents in any way that is required.

Our simple pricing model is based upon the number funds (documents) and the frequency required (monthly or quarterly). Request a demo to get a quick quote from our team.

We can integrate with any third party document distribution service such as FundInfo.

We give you access to our integrated workflow tool, which enables you to sign off and approve your reports.

Yes. We use custom data loading to bring data from a variety of sources into our platform.

No, we custom build factsheets to match your designs. We do have a library of prebuilt components for factsheets, but we apply your brand and styles.

We use multi-factor security for client logins (e.g. mobile phone required to authenticate) as well as memorable images and questions, much the same as you would find for online banking. We use Duo Security, Passive Finger printing and have integrated with Forgerock Open AM software.

Kurtosys in not a design agency. We do not offer branding or graphic design services, instead our team of specialists design and build investment websites. They are experts in UX and SEO for financial services.

Yes, but we also have a library of over 80 predefined components such as performance, allocation and fund comparison widgets. View our Fund Tool widgets gallery.

We can bulk upload large amounts of financial documents for you, with an associated table of metadata which will get appended to each file.

Our pricing model is based on data licensing, the number of funds/asset classes required and an implementation fee.

We don’t believe there are security issues with the WordPress core platform, just a legacy of badly managed sites and outdated plugins. We have added layers of security such as two-factor authentication as standard, as well as DDoS protection and regular penetration testing.

All of our openings are posted on our careers page Please apply for positions through this channel.

We have built a highly scalable platform that is capable of handling very large amounts of data. We can build portals to cater to enterprise levels of banks, advisors and investors.

Our UDM has multiple security levels which adhere to our ISO 27001 certification. We use private encryption keys for each client to ensure secure storage of data.

Yes, all of our widgets are designed to be responsive to fit the viewport of any device.

We decided to build an ‘enterprise’ version of WordPress and integrate it into our platform. However, we work with all kinds of client websites using anything from OpenText to Adobe CQ5.

Kurtosys is ISO 27001 certified. We have built our tech stack around a ‘bank-grade’ security model. All data is encrypted both “at rest” (encrypted on the disk) and “in flight” (or in transit). More about our Technology.

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