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Fund Document Production Center

Batch-produce your fund marketing documents at scale in real-time either using preset runs or produce them ad-hoc. Powerful workflow and audit controls keep records of who has produced which documents and when.


A factsheet generation platform built for financial services

Save time & money through automation

Make considerable savings in time and resources by automating your manually produced financial documents at scale.

Mitigate Compliance Risks

Work with your compliance team to approve documents during the production process, reducing errors and risk.

Bank-Grade Secure

Our ISO 27001 certification means we protect your data at all layers of the DocPress and Kurtosys platform.

Creating documents such as fund factsheets or KIIDs manually is a huge drain on resources and is prone to human error. The Kurtosys platform generates over 10,000 automated documents every month for a range of financial institutions globally.

With the Kurtosys Document Production Center you can automate your firm's document production using the self-service Production Center. Document templates will be developed on your behalf in line with your branding requirements, and changes to templates can easily be requested from within the platform.

You can easily build your own custom workflows using the Production Center Workflow Editor. Workflows can be based on custom inputs or one of your FundPress Segmentation Lists. The use of Segmentation Lists in workflows greatly improves accuracy and will save you time and resources as all changes made to relevant fund data will automatically be pulled through to your Production Center and reflected in your latest fund documents.

The Document Production Center also allows you to easily raise exceptions and track them through the platform's audit trail feature. Once generated documents will become downloadable in PDF format, making distribution easy. You can also automatically distribute your factsheets to your Kurtosys Document Hub and various information vendors through our APIs.

Flexible Workflow Editor

Create custom or segmentation list based document production workflows and attach them to approval groups for internal review.

Document Exceptions

Create exceptions when rejecting a workflow step to easily notify all relevant approval groups and users of the issue.

Easy Document Distribution

Automatically distribute documents to your Kurtosys Document Library and other information vendors through our secure APIs.

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Dedicated Resource Site

The Fund Marketing Document Center


White Papers

The Guide to Fund Marketing Document Production

Luke Hinchliffe on April 01, 2019

In this 16-page eBook, we explore common aspects involved in Fund Marketing Document Production. Including common frustrations, design process, typical components, guide to automation, regulation, industry opinion and more.

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Webinar: Producing perfect fund factsheets in half the time

Leandi Kolver on March 26, 2019

We explore five ways you can move towards automating your factsheet production process so that you are not only saving on time and costs, but also meeting the compliance and regulatory needs of your business.

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White Papers

Modern Trends in Financial Document Distribution

Elliot Burr on August 14, 2017

With the increasing need for an asset manager to maintain a positive relationship with their investors; we look at the costs, integrations, collaboration, adoption, regulation and security of financial document distribution.

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