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Fund Document Automation

Free up time and resources by automating the production of your fund documents with Kurtosys DocPress, which couples the print precision of Adobe InDesign with a powerful charting and business rules engine.


A fund document automation platform built for asset managers

Save time & money through automation

Make considerable savings in time and resources by automating all of your manually produced investment marketing documents at scale.

Mitigate Compliance Risks

Work with your compliance team to approve your investment documents during the production process, reducing errors and risk.

Bank-Grade Secure

Our ISO 27001 certification and enterprise security protocols mean we protect your data at all layers of the DocPress and Kurtosys platform.

kurtosys fund fact sheet automation

Creating documents such as mutual fund factsheets or quarterly investment reports manually is a huge drain on resources and is prone to human error. The Kurtosys platform generates tens of thousands of automated investment documents, in multiple languages, every month for a range of financial institutions globally.

Our document automation engine couples the print precision of Adobe InDesign with a powerful charting and business rules engine that allows us to seamlessly integrate data and content from FundPress into your document templates. Our team works with you to define and maintain these templates on your behalf as part of your subscription to our service.

Every document in our system is composed of components – smart, data-driven modules that display your data in a variety of ways. From tables to scatter charts, each component has a plethora of options, from disclaimer placement to conditional formatting logic, all allowing us to ensure that your information is shown on-brand and in a compliant fashion.

Enterprise features for financial document automation

Automate production of your marketing documents and turn an operational problem into an opportunity to wow new investors.

Brand-specific Templates

Once your component library is configured in our platform our team will configure your document templates in line with your company branding.

Diverse Range of Components

Every document in our system is composed of components - smart, data-driven modules that display your data in a variety of ways.

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Production Workflow

Reduce your production times dramatically with a fully integrated workflow engine with approval notifications.

Automatic Multi-Language and Localization

Kurtosys offer language, dialect and translation technology covering over 100 languages including Arabic and Chinese.

Print-ready, CMYK hi-res PDFs

We've integrated Adobe InDesign Server® into our platform to ensure we can output hi-res 4 colour PDFs for printing.

Custom Data Loaders

Seamlessly import data through feeds from our data partners such as Morningstar or via your own sources.

Disclaimer & Commentary Management

Self-serve management of all your investment disclaimers, commentaries and footnotes.

Real-time Document Previews

Preview your automated documents in real-time with useful filters for different document types and languages.

Fix data issues

Improve accuracy and reduce risk through centralized data aggregation and fix data issues in real-time.

DocPress Automation

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The Fund Marketing Document Center


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The Guide to Fund Marketing Document Production

Luke Hinchliffe on April 01, 2019

In this 16-page eBook, we explore common aspects involved in Fund Marketing Document Production. Including common frustrations, design process, typical components, guide to automation, regulation, industry opinion and more.

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Webinar: Producing perfect fund factsheets in half the time

Leandi Kolver on March 26, 2019

We explore five ways you can move towards automating your factsheet production process so that you are not only saving on time and costs, but also meeting the compliance and regulatory needs of your business.

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White Papers

Modern Trends in Financial Document Distribution

Elliot Burr on August 14, 2017

With the increasing need for an asset manager to maintain a positive relationship with their investors; we look at the costs, integrations, collaboration, adoption, regulation and security of financial document distribution.

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