Bridgeway – Building a complete digital experience for investors

Bridgeway Capital Management is a quantitative investment management firm based in Houston, Texas with $6.8 billion in assets under management (as of September 2016).

Established in 1993, Bridgeway’s unique philosophy is based on delivering investment solutions that are statistically driven and grounded in academic theory. They offer expertly-designed investment building blocks ? strategies designed to complement and enhance core portfolio investments ? to select institutions and advisors.

Bridgeway has always identified with the importance of digital materials for investors and continually invests in improving the digital experience for its audience.

The Challenge

In a client servicing and marketing capacity, Bridgeway had multiple data feeds coming in from outside partners such as custodian, transfer agents and other financial related entities they worked with. They also had a website that was built using a closed, proprietary system and codebase. Over time, this system became dated and eventually created issues for their marketing team when it came to updating data such as NAVs, fund characteristics, performance and literature. Furthermore, Bridgeway also identified an internal issue with document distribution. They needed a smarter solution to manage the compliance and approval of key documents.

Bridgeway came to Kurtosys in the hopes of:

  • Finding a factsheet solution to not only automate documents for ten funds, but ensure data accuracy across multiple sources.
  • Building a new, more flexible website platform. Bridgeway needed a solution that would be more integrated with their data feeds, their documents, and one that had more interactive tools for investors, as well as more compliance and workflow solutions.

Creating a document portal with approval and audit functionality to improve the distribution and storage of key documents.

The Solution

The Bridgeway project began with the fund data. Once data loading was established enabling Bridgeway to securely FTP data files into the Kurtosys platform, the fund factsheet automation was made possible using Kurtosys proprietary document generation. The fund factsheets were created exactly to Bridgeway’s designs, and the output gave them the print-ready PDFs they required. A production workflow was created to allow Bridgeway to approve the documents as they were created.

With Bridgeway’s fund data existing in the Kurtosys platform, the same data was then used to feed into the website fund data tools. A responsive WordPress theme was designed and created around the core fund product pages which are all template driven, with content made editable by Bridgeway’s team. A series of WordPress plugins ensure the website maximizes SEO and content efficiency, and is underpinned by secure Kurtosys architecture.

“With Kurtosys using WordPress, combined with a database approach and a systematic process of updates, we decided to invest in an entire new platform to bring more accuracy, more quality, more timeliness, more compliance tracking and to free up our internal operations folks from the headaches we had with our previous proprietary website.”

Tony Ledergerber, Partner, Business Development

A secure document portal completed the Bridgeway project which also utilizes WordPress for tagging and managing documents. An audit history is logged to help with compliance testing.

“The document portal was also very viable for us in terms of the order, flow, review and approval of documents, from a compliance perspective. Having tracking of all the editing process has really worked out for us.”

Tony Ledergerber, Partner, Business Development

The Bridgeway website can be viewed at

“Bridgeway has received positive feedback from shareholders about the look and feel of our new WordPress website, the accessibility of it, and the performance metrics that come through on a timely basis”

Tony Ledergerber, Partner, Business Development

Here’s a breakdown of the some of the core features integrated into the Bridgeway project:

Responsive WordPress Website & Fund Data Tools:

  • Fund explorers (Mutual funds and SMAs)
  • Tabs to show a range of data for all funds including a daily pricing date picker
  • Fund product pages
  • Tabulated view to show a range of information including an interactive daily pricing view, growth of 10k chart, and document library for a fund
  • Fund Tool widgets
  • Literature library (provides access to current documents for all funds as well as archived documents)
  • Current distributions
  • After tax returns

Fund Product Page Components:

  • Fund description, additional notes, basic fund info, fund managers
  • Interactive daily pricing selector
  • Calendar year performance, annualized performance, growth of 10k chart
  • Portfolio stats including company size breakdown
  • Top ten holdings
  • Sector distribution chart/table with benchmark
  • Asset distribution chart/table
  • Historical distributions
  • Literature library

Fund Factsheets:

  • 10 automated print-ready factsheets
  • Integrated workflow for reviewing and approving factsheets prior to submission