Connecting the Dots – Giovanni Ricciolio [Podcast]

In the latest Connecting the Dots podcast, we chat with Giovanni Ricciolio, Head of Digital Strategy and Acceleration at Generali Investments.

Giovanni has some fascinating insight into his early career, working within the Formula 1 industry, before becoming a digital expert for consultancy firms and finding his calling in financial services across many regions, including Italy, Germany, Italy, UK and Benelux.

Now based in Paris for the past 8 years, Giovanni has been spearheading Generali Investments’ huge digital push, taking the firm into the next phase of Generali’s digital journey. He explains his process of building a new team, and what his title of ‘Head of Digital Strategy and Acceleration’ means in relation to their transformation. Amongst the challenges he discusses are the importance of regulation which often gets ignored (only 90% of users wanting to use a service or application reads the terms and conditions, the other 10% only reads it for 10 seconds), and how content marketing’s greatest ally is personalisation.

Elsewhere he discusses the ins-and-outs of digital projects – including the work that Generali Investments and Kurtosys has conducted together – juggling multi-boutique capabilities and the mantra of being an ‘infinite player’ and a ‘lifetime partner’ with customers.


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