Notice to customers – Third update on the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID 19) situation

17 April 2020

Kurtosys has implemented Business Continuity plans to address the healthcare and business issues revolving around COVID. The company has had its team work remotely for several weeks without interruption to normal business operations.

In early March, we conducted some tests in anticipation that our team would need to work remotely. Since mid March, we have been operating under the guidance and mandates provided by governments in the three geographic regions we operate in: USA, UK and SA. In each of these regions, we are operate virtually with no anticipated change in the near future.

As with previous communications, our Executive Team continue to monitor the advice of governmental authorities and guidance from other sources such as CDC and WHO on a daily basis and will issue updates to our process as necessary.

Currently, we have not experienced or know of any impact or disruption to the products or services we provide to customers. Our employees have reported that they are safe and flexibly working given the circumstances. We have not experienced disruption or absenteeism as a result of these initiatives. We have surveyed suppliers and continue to maintain communications with key vendors in the normal course. There is no indication that our supply chain will present any issues to the delivery of customer services.

Our plans have include contingencies for communications. However, there has been no need to institute these plans to date. Normal channels of communications using the Internet such as email and voice or video conferencing are fully functional.

If you have any additional comments or questions, please contact your Customer Success team. Additional information may be posted on our web site from time to time.

Kurtosys Announcement on COVID-19

19 March 2020

Businesses and communities right now around the world are showing what ‘real’ means, showing a genuineness to help and coming together in their efforts to endure the social and economic impacts of the recent public health advisories around COVID-19—and Kurtosys too.

Kurtosys is monitoring news from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organisation (WHO). Our planning and decision-making is based on information from these and other reliable sources. This remains a fluid and evolving situation but as of now our offices globally have not been impacted. 

We have taken some precautionary and preparatory actions in case of further developments and these include advice to employees on matters such as business travel, sickness policy and prevention. 

Our Management Team continue to test and confirm working practices that would come into force if we have to invoke a business continuity plan. For pandemic situations, this is centred around remote working capabilities and communications. 

The Executive Team will review the ongoing situation and take appropriate decisions as this develops. We will update customers if there are any further developments but, at present, we are reporting that there is no impact to our business at this time. 

We believe that Kurtosys has a vital role to play for enterprises looking to continue business operations despite the impact of the current situation, all while keeping people safe and where they can continue to be productive and socially engaged.

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