Client reports are your greatest opportunity to interact with investors

Meet the growing demands of retail and institutional clients for more detailed, timely and accessible asset and portfolio reports.

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Beautiful Design

Offer clients reports that are not only comprehensive, but well-designed and easy to read.  You'll get the highest quality rendering with Adobe InDesign® Server, maintaining complete control over layout and styling. We can easily brand your reports to your style guidelines, with customized cover page, table of contents, disclaimers, back page and more.

  • Make the most of this critical client touchpoint
  • Differentiate your reports with robust data visualizations
  • Retain clients with reports that reflect the quality of your service

Browse samples of different reporting elements that we've standardized within our platform.

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Client Report Design
Automated workflow

Automated Workflow

Streamline your workflow and ensure that quality standards are followed, measured and monitored. Once formats and templates are established, regular reports can be updated automatically, without manual input, ensuring accurate and consistent documents are generated and distributed as and when required.

  • Get more accurate reports to a broader audience in a fraction of the time
  • Enable easy generation of scheduled or ad-hoc documents through a flexible workflow engine
  • Save time with an automated compliance approval process that uses role-based permissions, email notifications and secure logins

Accurate Data

Improve accuracy and reduce risk through centralized data aggregation, processing and validation.   Securely upload client and fund performance data through Kurtosys’ Unified Data Model, ensuring that reports are accurate, up to date and consistent.

  • Meet client expectations for more timely and transparent reporting
  • Reduce data implementation time and cost with each new client
  • Maintain total security of your clients’ data
Audit control

Fully Compliant

Ensure compliance using our secure web-based application that provides entitled and permissioned access for different users.  The platform also offers an automated approval process, including a full audit trail with document history and versioning.

  • Manage role-based permissions, email notifications, content expiry, batch publishing and more through the administrative console
  • Ensure data privacy between distinct clients

Flexible Templates

Fund administrators, asset servicers and other financial intermediaries can manage hundreds of clients as if each one were unique.  With our white label solution, you can provide custom branding and templates for each client as well as format the data in each client's preferred manner.

  • Minimize additional human resources needed as your client base grows
  • Onboard new clients quickly
  • Distribute reports via custom branded secure portals


Client report gallery


white paper

White Paper: The Future of Client Reporting

In this white paper find out how upgrading client reporting technology can maximise the client experience and drive higher levels of engagement, loyalty and asset growth.



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