Connecting the Dots – Courtney McQuade [Podcast]

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In this latest edition of our Connecting the Dots podcast, we talk with social media for financial services expert Courtney McQuade.

Courtney has 20 years’ experience within the financial world, with specific focus on marketing and sales strategy, having worked for startups to hedge funds to some of Wall Street’s largest banks. Working as a social media consultant for financial firms, Courtney has great insights here into how firms can engage with their followers in a compliant way (with regulation being the major roadblock for social sharing), and we reflect on whether Facebook remains relevant and the best ways to leverage LinkedIn’s paid-for services.
Elsewhere, Courtney discusses how financial companies can start up their marketing efforts on social media through finding advocates within their workforce, the strength of the #FinTwit community, and the best tips for Instagram, which boasts 1 billion active users.
Be sure to follow Courtney on LinkedIn and on Twitter @CourtMcQuade, and you can catch all of our episodes from the podcast series on our SoundCloud page, iTunes library or Spotify.

Elliot Burr

Elliot Burr

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