Connecting the Dots – Niels Footman [Podcast]

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On the latest episode of our Connecting the Dots podcast, we talk with Niels Footman, Managing Director at investment writing agency CopyLab.

As outlined in this 20 minute talk, Niels came to CopyLab from an editorial background, working in Seoul for the Korean arm of the International Herald Tribune and Korean Air’s inflight magazine, as well as stints in PR before working full time in financial communications. In fact, CopyLab’s workforce comes from a wide-ranging field of financial professionals and those outside of the industry, too: fund managers, analysts, journalists, academics and even teen fiction writers.
Niels discusses how asset managers can best leverage content marketing, in order to ‘be heard above the noise’, and about how the quantity vs quality debate extends beyond written articles on social media; firms need to constantly reinvent quality production to become unique in a bombardment of video content on LinkedIn. Niels also tells of the continued relevance of face-to-face events for pensions trustees and fund managers, as well as the books that inspire the written work of the employees at CopyLab HQ.
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Elliot Burr

Elliot Burr

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