Connecting the Dots – Noel Hillmann [Podcast]

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In the latest episode of the Kurtosys Podcast, we chat with Noel Hillmann, the founder and Chief Executive of Clear Path Analysis.

Noel explains the reasons for why he set up Clear Path Analysis – a content and report publication service for the finance industry, arriving as a result of the financial crisis. Noel also offers his opinions on the ‘quantity vs quality’ debate, the effects of GDPR, and how personalisation can be achieved in the future for institutional marketing.
Elsewhere, Noel outlines how his company does more with less, producing a valuable amount of content with a small marketing team, and utilising tools such as LinkedIn Pulse and Sales Navigator. We also discuss the role of events in the current climate, with digital and face-to-face meetings being complementary, and Noel’s most inspirational reading.
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Elliot Burr

Elliot Burr

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