Kurtosys Spotlight: Adam Brown, 2019 awards, connected thinking

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This week’s edition of Kurtosys Spotlight features GAM’s Adam Brown, 2019’s best white papers from Savvy Investor, incoming investment themes in the new year, TikTok marketing and a power of connected thinking podcast.

Digital Leader Spotlight: Adam Brown, Global Head of Marketing at GAM

Adam-BrownWith 18 years’ worth of experience in the asset management sector, Adam Brown now leads the marketing team at GAM, responsible for building up its team and leading a digital push for the future.
Starting out his career (and move into marketing) at Fidelity, Adam has also worked marketing stints at BlackRock and Columbia Threadneedle before joining GAM in 2017. Adam had the responsibility of consolidating his marketing team; a 45-strong workforce split across different locations. He juggles many other roles including leading all face-to-face contact, marketing campaigns, events and sponsorship, investment communication and digital channels including the website and social media platforms. GAM has unveiled an internal digital platform under Adam’s leadership to boost email marketing automation for its investors, working closely with a digital team to best service its customers.
In an interview with CopyLab, Adam has stressed his desire to build the most distinctive and reliable brand for GAM’s clients, using data to best connect the sales team to customers and drive a personalised experienced in terms of content; “micro-marketing” pieces along with blog entries and social media posts can help with this important push for marketing professionals in the industry.
Adam is part of our Most Influential Digital Leaders in Asset Management gallery. Check it out!

Featured White Paper: Savvy Investor Awards

Awards-trophyWhat with it being the season of giving, instead of settling for the gift of one industry white paper, we have this week instead opted to give a whole range of options for your perusal. And not only that, but this selection box of reports is a summarisation of the best that the year 2019 had to offer.
We feature many a report from the excellent content curators over at Savvy Investor, and every December they fill our stockings with a whole heap of goodies via their Savvy Investor Awards: The Best White Papers. It’s exactly what it says on the tin, and given the service’s publishing of around 30,000 white papers since its launch in 2015, they’re the experts to go to. The papers that get shortlisted for the Awards are selected for their quality, readability, and interest and appeal to the institutional investment audience.
Much like the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Grammys etc., Savvy Investor have chosen a multitude of categories for their selection. Amongst that mix includes Best ESG Paper, Best Pensions Paper, Best Emerging Markets Paper and Best Quants Paper, so it’s easy to find the white papers best suited to your interests in this way. There is an overall winner for each of course, but also a very solid rundown of ‘highly commended’ reports for each section as well, working very much like honourable mentions.
The ultimate prize is for Best Investment Paper 2019, which this year was awarded to PGIM for their paper entitled The Future Means Business: Investment Implications of Transformative New Corporate Models which takes a deep dive into how investors should react to radical changes in corporate business models. It is written as a collaborative paper between 25 PGIM professionals and survey respondents from more than 300 countries across the US, Germany and China in the public and private sector.
All the awards are listed on this blog page, and Savvy Investor has also produced a magazine which you can download offering extended insight into the winners of each category. Excellent seasonal reading to gear you up for 2020.

Podcast: The Power of Connected Thinking

One theme we haven’t look at specifically here is ‘connected thinking’, and in the case of this edition from Aviva Investors’ The AIQ Podcast, it looks into the connected thinking between technology, business and the environment.

The host takes us through the history of the transistor via an early iteration of AT&T (Bell Labs) which ultimately linked together the way that people and technology were connected in collaborative innovation. It’s something that we take for granted every day, and the podcast looks to show how ‘connected thinking’ can be put into practice using a four step principle
It’s an excellent educational trip through Charles Darwin’s letters to pen pals in the 1930s, whereby he used the expertise of hundreds of others to substantiate his own ideas on evolution – ultimately highlighting the power of connectivity and combined thinking to achieve a goal, rather than a lonely ‘lightbulb’ moment. Analogical thinking gleamed from the natural world can also be used in finance, as highlighted by Aviva Investors’ CEO.
The podcast also delves into the importance of ‘place’ to foster innovation, behavioural psychology, company culture, ESG, and even the view of David Attenborough on top of interviews with Aviva Investors’ employees to see how these points are used in real-life cases in the investment world.
Well worth a listen, with a lot to learn. Check out more episodes on the Aviva Investors SoundCloud.

Industry Perspectives: 2020 Incoming

And continuing with our look to the year ahead, which is getting closer and closer now, Citywire USA’s Registered Investment Advisor subsidiary has published a thematic article looking into what the top 10 biggest factors will be for the investment world in the first year of a new decade.
The post has been curated by Neuberger Berman’s chief investment officer (CIO) committee, which is comprised of the following individuals:

  • Joseph V. Amato, president and CIO – Equities
  • Erik Knutzen – CIO – Multi-asset Class
  • Brad Tank – CIO – Fixed Income
  • Ashok Bhatia – Deputy CIO – Fixed Income
  • Anthony D. Tutrone – Global Head of Alternatives

There are some themes that may already seem obvious due to their anticipation (for instance, the impending US election in 2020 – how politics will affect market volatility and value opportunity), and also very contemplative issues such as the risk of a recession in the United States (maybe more in 2021).
There are also more positive matters included as well, however, such as the prediction that US bonds may become more attractive following the unlikelihood of the ECB going further into negative rates, and hedging more cost-effectively. The CIO team also sees active opportunities that are bubbling underneath the surface of current trends which will boost in popularity.
Definitely some food for thought, and all laid out in a handy slide deck-style presentation to flick through with ease. You can find it over on the Citywire RIA website.

Social Spotlight: The City at Christmas

Also from Citywire (but transferring over to its London team now), is another hint at how the festive season is getting very much underway, not just in its redecorating of offices, but also in new marketing strategies.

As you can see from the above Tweet, the Citywire London team are experts at social media marketing, making use of video to highlight their company culture, which in this case shows the collaborative design of their tree decorations at Citywire HQ.
But another key thing of note is their new foray into TikTok, an app which has taken the social media world by storm. Essentially like the now defunct Vine (RIP), the app lets users craft short-form videos accompanied by musical interludes. It may not be part of every team’s marketing strategy, but in the right hands it can be a fun and insightful way to share content. Nice work!
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