Kurtosys Spotlight: Tammy Cash, Asset Management in 2020, IAM Conference

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This week’s edition of Kurtosys Spotlight features Horizons Exchange Traded Funds’ Tammy Cash, the future outlook of the global asset management industry, the IAM Asset Management Conference taking place later this month and the challenges keeping top financial advisors up at night.

Digital Leader Spotlight: Tammy Cash Executive Vice President, Head of Marketing at Horizons Exchange Traded Funds

Horizons Exchange Traded Funds is an ETF provider causing waves in the financial services space, and leading the marketing efforts for Canada, the United States and Latin America is Tammy Cash.
Tammy has experience from over 20 years in the financial services industry, and started out in investor relations management positions at Trizec Properties and The Capital Communications Company. Her branding and marketing expertise then developed at Front Street Capital, where Tammy was VP, Head of Marketing, before the start of her six year outing with Horizons ETFs. Tammy’s responsibility in all of the firm’s marketing and branding on traditional, social and digital channels has led to the firm being considered Canada’s ETF firm of choice.
Tammy has also been responsible in building an award-winning team, led strategic partnerships with the MLSA, CETFA and Toronto Raptors, and has herself won the prestigious Rising Star in Financial Marketing award. Tammy also serves in a leadership position on the Board of the Canadian sector in Women in ETFs, and has featured in videos on the topic. An inspirational digital leader, she has also spoken at many ETF industry conferences.
Tammy is part of our Most Influential Digital Leaders in Asset Management gallery, which we have recently updated. Check it out!

Featured White Paper: Global Asset Management 2019: Will These ’20s Roar?

This recent whitepaper by the Boston Consulting Group (BSG) analyses the current state of the global asset management industry and looks ahead to the 2020s and what asset managers can expect going forward.
BSG states that: “As we look toward the 2020s, we expect to encounter more market volatility, competition, and economic uncertainty. But we also see oppor­tunities as the asset management industry evolves and as technology moves to center stage.”
The report outlines some key trends the group expects to see over the next few years and comments on the key role data and analytics will play in the industry going forward.
Download the full report here.

Events: The IAM Asset Management Conference 2019

The IAM Asset Management Conference, taking place later this month is the IAM’s unique Call for Papers event, designed to cover excellence and innovation in asset management.
The sessions will comprise presentations from the Call for Papers & Presentations, keynote speakers, workshops, and an IAM Awards stream.
The IAM Annual Lecture and Annual Dinner, including the IAM Global Awards 2019 ceremony, take place on the first evening of the two-day event. The Annual Lecture is a free event but registration is required.
This event is relevant to asset management professionals seeking to gain insight into and hear first-hand experiences of the latest innovations being used in a range of sectors around the world that are driving the discipline forward.
The event is also relevant to organisations interested in the benefits of asset management, presented and explored through real-life case studies, projects, research areas, tools and techniques.
The conference will take place on 27 & 28 November 2019 at the The Chelsea Harbour Hotel, Chelsea Harbour, London.
For more information, or to register, follow this link.

Industry News: The challenges keeping top advisors up at night

The financial services industry is constantly evolving and advisors are doing what they can to keep up with these changes and provide their clients with the best possible advice. However, no advisor or wealth manager can claim to know exactly what will happen in the future.
However, according to CNBC “any advisor worth his or her salt — including the leading wealth managers that made the CNBC FA 100 list for 2019 — can make an educated guess or two about where the financial advice industry might be headed”.
As such, they asked top advisors from the firms that made the FA 100 list, what challenges or changes they forsee. Challenges highlighted in the responses range from fee pressure, to investor education and the impact of online investment tools on the industry.
You can read the full article on the CNBC website.
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Leandi Kolver

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