Kurtosys Spotlight: Tim Jenkins, China icebergs, Powerlist 2020

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This week’s edition of Kurtosys Spotlight features Tim Jenkins, growing investment opportunities in China, a FundForum subsidiary event, and a chart-topping fintech founder.

Digital Leader Spotlight: Tim Jenkins, Global Digital Marketing Manager at T. Rowe Price

Tim Jenkins, Global Digital Marketing Manager at T. Rowe Price has become a leading specialist in the asset management industry’s digital capabilities since 2002, when the idea was nascent.
Tim spent over nine years at Legg Mason Investments (FKA Citigroup Asset Management) in which he was responsible for overseeing the development, testing and launching of the firm’s new multilingual web offerings (thirteen in total) which were spread across its UK, Dublin and Luxembourg-domiciled mutual funds. His role also required the use of a CMS for Tim to liaise with his US-based development team, and leading the complete rebranding of their web presence and the migration to a fund document portal.
Now the Digital Marketing Manager for T. Rowe Price’s global offering, Tim leads the way in content management, web design, management, and advanced knowledge of marketing programmes and digital tools including Dreamweaver.
Tim is part of our Most Influential Digital Leaders in Asset Management gallery, which we have recently updated. Check it out!

Featured White Paper: China Icebergs: Forces That Could Reshape the World

This week’s featured report is a piece of research conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, and sponsored by PineBridge Investments. It’s tackling a fairly hefty topic, looking into how businesses in China are changing the face of investment, not just within their regional and national headquarters, but also around the world. The idea of ‘China Icebergs’ goes to suggest that there are multiple driving forces for these new corporate mega-businesses (investment trends and firms included) that are lurking below the surface of understanding, but as CEO of PineBridge Investments Greg Ehret suggests, investors need this better connection to China as a defining country in 21st Century economics.
After all, China is now the world’s second largest economy, and the contributing authors of this piece (including COO of a Beijing-based consulting firm, an investment officer for International Finance Corporation, Beijing and an author) announce that it is the liberalisation of the private sector which is taking China to a consumption-led economy which will have implications for business and economic growth. China’s larger tier cities have emerged as superpowers in the development of technology, commerce and infrastructure, each housing millions of talented workers (even in the ‘smaller’ cities).
The report takes a detailed look at the history of a re-emerging China following its slump that began in the 19th century through ‘til the 1980s or so. But it’s mobile internet economy has driven China to become a data-led, digital-first giant. E-commerce has been a driving force (Jack Ma’s Alibaba of course recognised as a world leader) but its effect on technological advancement has affected other industries. We have seen that China contributes much to the world’s fintech scene too, as we see in its development of AI and machine learning. In the insurance sector too, Ping An is a huge company in the space which has used its clout to develop other fields including AI, as explained within here.
PineBridge also offer their own view of China’s onshore equity market, which they believe has never been more accessible or attractive to international investors, albeit challenging due to technological advancement and a rising middle class with more money. But given the onshore joint venture Huatai-PineBridge, they believe that a greater local knowledge will give investors the best chance of capitalising on equity opportunities.
There’s many industries and burgeoning technologies discussed here such as electric vehicles in the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) category as well as a look into the number of unicorn startups that exist in China compared to the US.
It’s a large-scale look into a large country scaling up in many ways, looking to get ahead as one of the most powerful global economies. With more research such as this into how its developments can provide better investment opportunities, China and the greater APAC region should grow exponentially.
You can find the PineBridge report via Savvy Investor.

Events: FundForum Global ESG & Impact

The year-end events are rolling ’round fast, and this upcoming number features one of the main talking points we’ve been discussing all 2019 long at the Spotlight: ESG.

Not only that, but it’s a part of the global FundForum series which acts as a huge networking resource for the investment management industry. This particular event, entitled FundForum Global ESG & Impact also acts as the largest ESG event in Europe, so is well worth a visit for financial companies looking to expand their expertise in the latest ESG trends, discover more about new ESG risk and reporting regulation across Europe, and take part in smaller in-depth conversations with fund buyers, tech innovators and top investment managers.
Amongst the speakers at the event will be representatives from companies including Barclays Investment Bank, BlackRock, Hermes Investment Management, Man Group, Goldman Sachs and ABN AMRO, in a variety of positions from the ESG and sustainable investing-specific to CFAs to various executive members.
The first day of the event will also host the ‘Wisdom of the Selector Awards’, which have been organised in partnership with SharingAlpha. They’re celebrated to recognise the emphasis placed on ESG-related factors in fund investment guidelines using SharingAlpha’s unique methodology. The nominated funds will be judged by professional fund buyers and rated in terms of how good their chances are in generating alpha for the future. It will take place on Tuesday 12 November at 18.30 in the Conservatorium Hotel, Museumplein.
The whole event will take place on Tuesday 12 to Wednesday 13 November 2019 at the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel.
Participation is free for authorised fund buyers and analysts, and you can find all the booking information over on the FundForum ESG web page.

Social Spotlight: Further accolades

Much as last week seeing the results of the FN Asset Management Awards (and in particular the takers of the Diversity Initiative of the Year Award: Investment 20/20), we now see more accolades showing the growing diversity of the financial industry.

As you can see in the Tweet above, The Guardian has published the results of the Powerlist 2020, which covers the 100 most powerful people of African and African Caribbean heritage in the UK which, amongst more famed celebrities including footballer Raheem Sterling, royal actress Meghan Markle and grime artist Stormzy, has been topped by fintech founder Ismail Ahmed. Ahmed founded money transfer firm WorldRemit in 2010, which is designed to help migrants send money to their families and friends using a Smartphone app. Ahmed left Somaliland in 1988 to study in London whilst working other jobs to provide for his family back home.
It’s great to see an excellent pioneer in the financial technology space being recognised in an acclaimed list amongst some special and talented individuals. Congratulations Ismail!

Kurtosys in Focus: Leeya Hendricks

Leeya HendricksKurtosys is pleased to announce the appointment of Leeya Hendricks as VP of Global Marketing. Her appointment strengthens the company’s executive team and marketing capability, positioning the business for further growth.    
As VP of Global Marketing, Leeya will head up the marketing and communications function at Kurtosys and drive its marketing strategy forward to engage existing and potential clients.
Leeya’s core expertise lies in developing global go-to-market strategies, setting up teams to drive digital demand generation and transformation, brand innovation, customer marketing and new product implementation programmes.    
If you’d like to have news, people, a new website or articles featured here, please get in touch via Twitter or email us at [email protected]

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