Connecting the Dots – Winnie Sun [Podcast]

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In this edition of our Connecting the Dots podcast, we chat with co-founder of Sun Group Wealth Partners and social media influencer Winnie Sun.

Winnie outlines her history as a financial advisor, the founding of her own wealth management firm in Southern California, as well as her regular appearances in televised videos (CNBC, Cheddar) and publications (Forbes). She believes that, like at Sun Group, financial advisors should also adopt the role of content creators to best connect with clients, always looking to make people feel comfortable talking about money in a down to earth way. Winnie also stresses that making content is to “delight yourself”; it should get you excited as much as it should your customers.
Winnie gives her tips for best leveraging specific social media platforms, depending on which is best for each company, mostly dependent on where their clients and their communities are situated. There’s a large demand nowadays from conference attendees wanting to know all about social media marketing, and Winnie runs the largest business tweet chat every Wednesday on Twitter, averaging around 150 million impressions.
In a key takeaway from this excellent discussion, making an effort to boost quality content in video or conference calls (down to the lighting and cameras, with phone capabilities being useful, too) really resonates with people, and content creators should see if what they produce can reside on network television as well as online.
Winnie also talks about the evolution of working conditions – we need to adapt to the future of how clients want to be contacted, rather than being confined to traditional routines of business that are soon to be outdated.
You can follow Winnie Sun on LinkedIn, and give her a follow on Twitter @winniesun.
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Elliot Burr

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