Connecting the Dots – Olivier Khatib [Podcast]

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In this latest edition of the Connecting the Dots podcast, we chat with Olivier Khatib, CTO and Chief Data Scientist at Sensefolio.

Olivier first outlines his background in finance and technology throughout his time at university, studying Business Management and obtaining a Masters in Computer Science. From here, Olivier and his brother shifted their focus to the asset management space, looking to educate and improve the industry through two of its biggest buzzwords: machine learning and ESG.
Olivier felt like there were a number of pain points surrounding ESG issues and the asset management world, including the fact that ESG viewpoints differ so much between companies (an issue that isn’t stressed enough), and that investors need to be aware of the vastly different ESG frameworks available. Sensefolio offers a non-biased and objective view of companies through data aggregation, gathering 100,000 different sources of information from the opinions of companies themselves to those of third party stakeholders.
Olivier tells us how Sensefolio captures its information (company news, social media posts, company review sites etc.) through machine learning as a result of more than 4 years of consistently improving algorithms, and chats about how people are finally starting to understand and implement algorithms that have existed for years. There are clear regional differences between ESGs – some more towards gender equality, some preoccupied by sustainability reports or environmental matters and pollution, and differences in generations of investors too.
He also explains the danger some companies face in experimenting with poorly implemented machine learning and having no plan for investment improvement. Sensefolio wishes for theory to be put into actual practice, for the good of every stakeholder.
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Elliot Burr

Elliot Burr

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